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Off-Campus Living Hacks For International Students In Canada

It is joyful to be the international student. Many fly from far countries to study in North America. And, then most face hurdles sooner or later.  Wait, relax! There is hope, read below about the six common hurdles for international students, along with their off-campus living hacks (and with some extra hacks, enjoy):

What are issues faced by International Students in Canada?

What Language to Speak?

The native dialect in North America differs from ordinary English. Even the native speakers will find it difficult to grasp what International students say! Native speakers use a faster pace. Colloquial idioms, terms, slangs and phrases are different.

Hack – Speak more in English!

Talk with people! Imitate your friends. A new place is the best place to find people with shared likes. Many love to chat about your culture. Write down new phrases or words and ask your friends their meanings. Inform them about your language issues.

Academic Writing

Many school tasks, abstracts, and essays are quite a challenge, especially if it involves Native English language knowledge.

Hack – Speak to the teachers!

Don’t be shy. Many teachers want to see good marks for their students. In North, America students are allowed to ask teachers doubts. You can also check the academic writing center in the University.

Are you Homesick?

When you are in a new place, many feel bored. You begin to miss the friends, food, festivals, comfort and jokes at your house.

Hack – Just make more friends!

This is your new home until you complete the course. Interact with International and native friends about your home. Reveal your customs, food, and culture to your new friends.

Stay Active

You remain seated in libraries and rooms, and the greasy food is new to you. No time for exercises too. Welcome – health issues! That’s not good!

Hack – Use the school!

Go to intramural sports, hobbies centers, and free fitness classes. Join academic or social clubs. The efforts give you knowledge about the city and public transportation.

Personal Issues

Everything goes fine until you have a personal issue. Something inside you is nagging.

Hack – Ask for help!

North Americans are ready to give you suggestions. Many schools grant counseling services for students. Even your student health plan has counseling options. Speak to the counselor without paying. Use all the services that are in your program.

Rents & Facilities

Rent costs are irritating. Check these five hacks below:

Hack – Find a mate

More friends lower costs. Even better, each person gets their bathroom and room. You are now an adult and earn respect for the responsibilities.

Hack – Houses or Apartments

Do you have enough friends to fill in a house? If any of your friends move away, you need to pay for him too!

Check the bills. Houses have more costs as they need energy for cooling and warming. Some parts have snow.

Apartment’s rents contain sewage and water costs, whereas, for houses, facility costs are separate.

Hack – Check the distance

Plan how much distance you will cycle every day to campus. Usually near campuses the houses are costlier. Think about biking during tough weather!

Hack – How much space

Apartments have neighbors! So get ready for the noise and other stuff. Landlords of apartments take care of the external jobs. And houses need maintenance fees.

Hack – Begin fast!

Start searching early on the internet for rooms. Get help from as many mates. Owners know about free rooms during February and March every year. Leases start from May. CORT is perfect for finding apartments near College. Ask school authorities about information on good landlords and houses.

Some More Off-Campus Living Hacks

  • Buy internet or cable
  • Do your laundry outside
  • Learn to cook

Now you can happily live away from campuses. Use these six off-campus living hacks to empower yourself while staying in North America. Smile and reward yourself with maturity and wisdom. Share these cool campus tips with friends. Enter new information and your opinions below. Have a happy stay!

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