An Overview On The Trump’s Execution Process On Immigration Ban Policy

For years, United States has been a leading leader in welcoming and giving homes to refugees. Also, it is the top technological hub of the world, gathering intellectual minds from around the globe. But the recent campaign of the 45th president Donald J Trump, “America First” and his newly signed order and Trump’s execution process on immigration ban has left the world in awe.

The order bans the entry of the immigrants and refugees into the United States temporarily for 90 days, even including the ones carrying H1-B visas. The Majority of the H1-B visa holders were technicians or skilled immigrant traveling to the USA in search of advanced technological research or workers looking out for better jobs opportunities and learning.

But the recent changes has encouraged the companies to hire Americans first then the others and thus, limiting the flow of the smartest minds coming from around the globe to the United States.

How is the US going to Harm Itself by Discouraging the Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

The proposed bill, “The high skilled integrity and fairness act of 2017”, makes it difficult for the companies to hire immigrants in their firm. The bill changes the H1-B and L1 visa rules by increasing the minimum wages from 60,000$ to 130,000$; thus, indirectly forcing the companies to hire Americans than the immigrants from the other countries, to bring jobs back to home.

  1. This will also make it difficult for the students traveling on F1 visas to pursue their graduation and then staying behind on H1-B visas.
  2. They too would have to find a company, who is ready to offer those 130,000$ per annum; else, they would have to return to home.
  3. Also, it bans the working visa for applicant immigrant’s spouse.
  4. It has been a trend that the international students who spend of dollars on their education, tends to stay behind in making their career in states and to earn in dollars to pay off their loans.
  5. Also, the same students invest in a start-up rather than taking jobs, thus bringing employment to the country, earning fame and money, and at last the money brought by the business strengths the USA’s economy only.
  6. With the changing course, it becomes unsafe for young immigrant entrepreneurs even to think to come to the USA to make their future.
  7. People are tending to invest and making their future in foreign countries always prefer countries with a stable outlook in regards to better immigration and investment policies.
  8. These will also discourage industries to come up with a plan of investing and growing business with the United States where policies are unstable.

How will the Immigrants and Companies Adapt to the Trump’s execution process on Immigration Ban?

Trump's execution process on immigration ban
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With the changing rules, immigrants will set their course for countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Dubai, and United Kingdom, which have more stable immigration policies than the United States.

USA’s Loss may be Canada’ Gain- Will Canada Get more entrepreneurs?

Canada where the government works with the entrepreneurs to get them a steady growth of business and ease their and their family’s process for permanent residency, why won’t one go there? Also, Canada has been developing rapidly in the recent times.

As business investors look for places where their investment turns into higher returns and can do their business with lesser restrictions; these countries will stand to gain more at USA’s cost.

Unless the proposed bill gets rejected in the Senate, the future of immigrants and intellectuals is at the stake. Let’s see how the aim of Trump’s execution process to generate more employment will get fulfilled with time.

But this going to make a huge effect on USA’s economy and other countries would surely gain a benefit of this.

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