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Complete Information on Canada Immigration For H-1B Visa Holders

Going to Canada is no longer a backup plan. The continuous increasing educational quality, job offers, and lifestyle have drawn people from around the globe. Also, it gets easy for H1B visa holder to apply for permanent residence and work permit. Now with immigration is USA getting tougher, there is bee line of H-1B visa holders to move to Canada and hence  Information on Canada Immigration For H-1B Visa Holders on how to move to Canada

Moving to Canada- Canada Immigration For H-1B Visa Holders- Do they have any benefit over others?

There are many work and immigration programs offered by the Canadian government. These programs are offered to one on the basis of the award points. Award points are rewarded based on one’s work experience, character, the level of education, language proficiency, health and many other factors. Let us find the answers to the questions arising in your mind right now.

H-1B Visa Holders: Eligibility Criteria for Immigrating to Canada

You must check the entire eligibility criterion mentioned below before filling out the application form. It is compulsory to fulfill every point.

  1. Before applying you have to take English proficiency test called IELTS or test meeting the level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  2. You can even test your French; it can be advantageous.
  3. Gather all the information about your work years. Minimum work experience must be in for at least one year in the same paid job or within ten years and should come under the category of skill type 0 or level A and B of 2011 NOC.
  4. In full time or part time job, a minimum of 1,560 hours is required.
  5. The applicant must have completed their education from Canadian secondary schools, colleges or universities or a renowned foreign body possessing foreign credentials.
  6. You need to carry the amount depending on the number of applicants; for instance, if you are a single applicant, then you must carry CAD $12,164. If you are a couple applying, then you must carry CAD $15,143, and if the family of 3 or 4, then you must carry CAD $18,617 and if you have legit arrangement letter of work it’s not compulsory to show the funds.
  7. If the applicant’s common law partner also meets all the requirements, then you must choose that on whose basis you want to apply. You can apply only on either of one.
  8. You should not be involved in any past or present crime and should plan to live outside Quebec province.
  9. You require a minimum of 67/100 points or more, to qualify to immigrate or else you should drop the idea to apply that year.

There are six selection factors, and their respective reward points are mentioned below:

French or English proficiency skills: Maximum 28 Points

  • First official language reward point varies from 16 points to 24 points
  • Second official language reward points is 4 points
  • Results below the mentioned level aren’t eligible for the Canadian immigration

Education Skills: Maximum 5 to 25 points

  • You should have either passed your secondary/high school from Canada or should hold degree in diploma, graduate, masters or doctoral programs from Canadian or renowned foreign institutes

Work Experience: Maximum 9 to 15 Points

  • You should at least have one year experience with currently associated company
  • You should have a valid full time or permanent job offer for an occupation listed in Skill Type 0 or level A or B of the NOC (maximum 10 points are rewarded)

Age: Maximum 12 Points

  • The applicant below 18 years or above 47 years is not eligible for this program.
  • For 18 to 35 years of age, the rewards are maximum 12 points

The factor of Adaptability may be rewarded with maximum 10 points.

The system will reward you with the points based on your profile, and your fate will be decided. Complete the pre-requisites and fill the application online.

Canadian Immigration: Fees

You have to pay the fees on completion of the application form.

  • The principal applicant has to pay about 550 CAD$.
  • For the spouse, the applicant has to pay additional 550 CAD$.
  • For depending family, the applicant has to pay additional 150 CAD$ per

Canadian Immigration: Advantages for H-1B Visa Holders

Canada Immigration For H-1B Visa Holders
Canada Immigration For H-1B Visa Holders
  1. Holding an H-1B visa might make you eligible for express entry, provincial nominee program, intra-company transfers, all, or none.
  2. Your immigration process takes only 6 or fewer months to get processed.
  3. You can apply for immigration of you common law partner and other dependents coming along.
  4. It gets easy to give proof for your dollar bills.
  5. An H-1B visa has a limited validity and, extension available is also limited.
  6. You will have to leave the USA for a year to apply for
  7. With the new congressional mandate passed, now you have to go through a lottery system to get your visa stamped. Your future is completely based on your luck!
  8. This is not the case with Canadian immigration; your H1B visa gets upgraded to permanent residence and within four years to Canadian citizenship. This is better than the USA’s system which takes ten years, right?

Is Their Degree Recognized within the Country, and Worldwide?

Since you are on H1B visa, chances are that you have Indian degrees and hence, you will have to get equivalence done

Do Applicants having H1B Visa Get Any Preferences?

No, an applicant doesn’t get any preference. The applicant has to follow the program allotted by reward points. Applicants cannot apply for the program they are not eligible for.

Summing Up!

Don’t let your future remain in the hands of luck. Apply today to the country of emerging technology, job offers, and excellent academics. Feel free to ask questions and do leave your valuable reviews below. All the best!

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