How to apply for Work Visa in Canada?

With little efforts, getting work visa in Canada can be simple. The process is shared below

Process to apply for Work Visa in Canada
Process to apply for Work Visa in Canada

Canadian Temporary Work Permit or Open Work Permit?There are two ways to apply for a work visa in Canada, one is via the ‘Canada Temporary Work Permit’ and the second is via ‘Canada Permanent Residency’. While applying for the Canadian Permanent Residency may take a while, the ‘Canadian Temporary Work Permit’ is very fast as compared to the former, and doesn’t require a lot of hassle. And even though the Temporary Work Permit is quite swift, it has its cons, where you cannot apply for another job if you’re terminated from your current job. However, there is another option wherein Open Work Permits are issued by Canadian Immigration Regulations which are not employer-specific. So let’s take a look at the process to apply for a Temporary Work Visa in Canada.

 How to apply for Work Visa in Canada?
In order to work in Canada, an offer of employment is required from a Canadian Employer. The ESDC (Employment and Social Development) may then grant you permission, and you may also require a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) depending on your country of citizenship.
Here are the steps involved:
1. Employer applies for Labour Market Impact Assessment, if necessary
This step needs to be initiated by the Employer who wishes to hire a new temporary foreign employee. The ESDC will then grant a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) provided there is no Canadian citizen available for the required employment.

2. Employer extends Temporary Job Offer
After ESDC grants a positive LMIA to the employer, he needs to send a copy of it to the foreign employee along with a detailed job offer letter.

3. Foreign Worker applies for Work Permit
With these two documents in hand, the foreign employee needs to apply for a Canada Temporary Work Permit. He needs to send his application to ESDC.

4. Work Permit is issued
The Canada Temporary Work Permit will be issued by a CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) officer at the foreign employee’s arrival in Canada.

Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for a job in Canada
• Convince the officer that you will leave the country when the work visa expires
• Assure the officer that you have the financial resources to support your family members and yourself while in Canada, and to return home as well
• Obey the law, and provide a Police Clearance certificate to confirm that you have no criminal record
• Do not pose a danger to Canada’s security
• Take a medical exam to prove you are in good health
• Affirm that you are not planning to work for an ineligible employer.
• Affirm to not work for an employer who offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages
• Provide any other documents requested by the officer to enter the country
• Not have worked for a total of 4 years through one or more periods of employment after April 1, 2011

There are some more eligibility requirements if you apply for a visa after entering the country, if you’re applying from inside the country, or from outside the country.

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