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Are you an immigrant in UK? Why UK hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan?

UK hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan

due to a number of reasons and recently the immigration policies are being changed keeping this aspect in mind. As per the new immigration rule, immigrants need to give an examination to prove their hold over the English Language. However many immigrants especially those above 50 years refuse to update their skills to adapt tot he new homeland and tend to create their own islands. This is one major reason why natives of UK hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan

Immigrants that can intermingle in UK Society was one of the key Point during Brexit

The world has witnessed one of the most historic moments after Brexit happened, shocking the whole world with the vote results. Quite obviously, this particular incident of Britain’s exit from the European Union accompanied several other factors as Britain has to devise new policies in almost every social and political sphere after walking out of EU. One of the main issues post Brexit is the immigration issue related to the migration of new individuals and their simultaneous intermingling with the local public of Britain. It has yet again come up with a fresh immigration policy, especially focused on Asian immigration mainly from India or Pakistan

UK Hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan
UK Hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan

What Immigrants in UK need to do to bridge the Growing Divide between Natives and Immigrants

As a first step to this new immigration policy, the All Party Parliament Group on Social Integration, that is comprised of senior MPS and peers have put forward their request of handling the immigration issues by ‘regional authorities and devolved administrations’ only instead of the Central Government.

What UK Expects from Immigrants from India or Pakistan

  • In fact, it has stressed upon making English speaking a mandatory factor for the migrating people or at least get an English lesson before entering into United Kingdom. As Labour MP Holly Lynch puts it, the immigration issue has been a critical one for them, as they have to handle the whole thing in a completely different manner. Some other Factors related to immigration are
  • How healthily can the immigration issues be handled?
  • To what extent or rather to what level immigration is to be allowed in order to ensure a mutual harmony between the migrants with the locals of UK?
  • Above all, what are the possible repercussions of regular immigration from various parts of the countries?

Complete mixed-views coming from various MPs in UK

At present, there are mixed-views from the various MPs of UK leading to a cold war or clash regarding striking out the correct kind of immigration policy. Where fellow Labour MP Chukka Umunna is more inclined towards having a stringent immigration rule, the all-party leader Jeremy Corbyn wants a more flexible immigration policy in complete contrast to his fellow MPs.

Even Streatham MP is at loggerheads with Corbyn, as he supports the step towards strengthening the immigration rules to Britain. According to him, this will help them gain more confidence amongst the locals because immigration invariably causes a certain disruption of conservative mindset of the British people due to the intermixing of the British people with those of the migrants, especially people from Asian countries.

Any Major Changes in Immigration Laws can impact the Immigration Scenario to UK

In an attempt to win votes of the locals, the parties have gone rigorous in restricting the immigration rules pertaining to migrants from all over the world. However, these upcoming immigration factors can wreak havoc on Asian people, who are planning to come to Britain for studies or employment opportunities.

Effects on the migrants from Asia due to Harsher UK Immigration rules

Being at the receiving end, the Asian people, who were harbouring dreams in their hearts since long for coming to Britain in order to pursue higher studies or get some better job offers, will actually have to bear the brunt of the new immigration policy post Brexit. As evident from the discussions and the reports of the all-party group, Britain will be now sterner in certain factors related to immigration. These include:

  • The tendency to conserve the culture of Britain is going to affect immigration from the developing Asian countries because the cultures of Asian countries and that of Britain are poles apart and they will always run a risk of dilution of conservatism.
  • According to British people, Asians do not have the urge to learn English, which is the main language of Britain and hence, this can create bigger problems after immigration.
  • Most of all, the Asians are not free to merge with the local British people owing to shyness and inability to speak good English in British accent to be more specific.

The above-mentioned factors can be problematic for the Asian immigrants, as Britain is now concentrating upon restricting immigration and in order to take the initial steps, they will start by amending the immigration laws for the Asian immigrants at first. UK hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan because they are very much particular about conserving their culture and any threat to the same can make them very inflexible in terms of immigration policies.

While Concluding- Advice for Asian Immigrants to UK

It is high time for the aspiring minds of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. to start learning English until they become proficient in reading, writing, listening and conversing as well. Only this step can actually help them in being acquainted with the British culture and enable them to fuse more so that the British people feel confident in accepting their existence socially after immigration.

In fact, UK hates Immigrants from India or Pakistan because the immigrants do not able to mix with the UK society, creating a negative impact on the overall society as a whole. Hence, without wasting any more time, the Asians must start preparing for the new immigration rules from Britain.

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