How to Rank Higher in Comprehensive Ranking System for Canada Immigration?


Comprehensive Ranking System for Canadian Immigration

Comprehensive Ranking System is a point-based mechanism that forms a part of the Express Entry tool by helping in calculating the eligibility of a particular candidate based on certain capital criteria in order to declare them as fit to immigrate to Canada.

How to Score higher in Comprehensive Ranking System- Image Source CIC News
How to Score higher in Comprehensive Ranking System- Image Source CIC News

Canada is the dream destination for many aspiring souls who at some point in their lives have thought of going there to study or work in search of better education and employment opportunities. Quite obviously, it is necessary for them to take care of the factors that decide their smooth entry into this wonderful country so that they do not have to face rejection related to petty matters. Hence scoring higher in Comprehensive Ranking System i.e getting higher CRS Score becomes very crucial

Therefore, it is important to have adequate knowledge of every single step and CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is one such factor that is a big deciding point for entering Canada in a hassle-free manner. It will be hence, wise to know about CRS in detail so as to remain updated beforehand and be ready for the final turn.

Basics of Comprehensive Ranking System

The Express Entry pool is an assessment based pool that will judge the candidates on certain factors and accordingly certify them as successful in immigrating to Canada with the help of a grading system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

CRS Evaluation Process

The main or the key factors that are taken into account in CRS for the evaluation process are:

  • Work experience details along with skills.
  • Details of educational qualifications.
  • Level of proficiency in English and French languages.
  • Details of spouse or common law partners.

These factors influence the working and corresponding success of a person outside his homeland or especially in Canada and therefore, it is better to keep abreast of each of these in detail to decide upon an individual’s ability to migrate and be successful in Canada.

Key points of CRS

Several changes have been made in the CRS calculator on 19th November, 2016 that is used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for grading the individuals in terms of eligibility.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculator will first ask about the individual’s age, highest level of education, whether the individual has studied in Canada, English and French skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading). Along with these, CRS also asks about the skilled work experience and spouse or common-law partner details too. Simultaneously, it asks whether any relative of the individual is a resident of Canada and whether the Canadian province has issued any Certificate of Qualification or Nomination Certificate to the concerned individual in question.

The skilled work experience as defined by the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) is defined as experience in certain jobs such as managerial jobs, technical jobs, professional trades and skill trades. Each characteristic has certain points associated with it and adding all these points will actually sum up the total CRS score out of a total score of 1200 for an individual that will decide whether he or she will be able to migrate to Canada for better job opportunities.

Under the CRS there are 1200 points in total. For candidates who are not accompanied by their common-law partner or spouse the point system is enlisted below:


Factors Points Points
Core human capital factors 500
Skill transferability factors 100
Qualifying for an employment (arranged) 100
Canadian study experience 200
Provincial nomination 30
Additional points 270


For those candidates who are accompanied by common-law partner or spouse, the point system is given below:

Factors Points Points
Core human capital factors (principal applicant) 460
core human capital factors (common-law partner/spouse) 40
Provincial nomination 600
skill transferability factors 100


The Comprehensive Ranking System has undergone useful amendments of late and the present calculator is an effective way of choosing the best candidate for immigrating to Canada as it takes care of very crucial factors that matter the most in a candidate’s background and profile.

Tips for Ranking Higher in CRS

Though on many factors, an applicant cannot help much in scoring, on following factors one can improve CRS ranking-

  1. Making an application for Provincial nomination- One can consider Quebec, Manitoba and certain other provinces which have vastly improved infrastructure and offer better incentives to settle in Canada
  2. Getting Higher score in English Test as IELTS
  3. Consider hiring some placement consulting firm, share your resume with him, register with all job portals and apply for Jobs. In case you get a Job Offer, with improved CRS Score, Immigration is almost assured
  4. If relevant consider enrolling in education program that is relevant to your existing study and get benefit of additional score on this account

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