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Applying for a Student Visa for Canada? Seven Reasons that it may be Rejected

How to Minimize Chances of Rejection while Applying for Student Visa for Canada

Canada is one of the coveted destinations of the Indian students as it is the haven of one of the best and high-class universities and is simultaneously the den of huge number of employment opportunities. Canada is known as the melting spot of students from almost every corner of the world due to the research, scientific publications and international collaborations features that are perhaps the mostly concentrated areas in Canada. Therefore, every student in Asian countries, especially India, prefers to go to Canada for doing higher studies. However, there are a number of processes involved before flying to Canada. One of the main jobs is to apply and get a student visa for Canada.

Process of applying for a Student Visa for Canada

The first step: In case, a student as well as it’s family is a complete amateur, it is better to consult an education counselor who will help you with the process of visa application online, detailing every single step involved in the process. However, nowadays online websites are available too that can guide in this process as well.

Student Visa for Canada
Student Visa for Canada

How to apply for student visa for Canada?

A student can apply for a visa for undergoing higher studies in Canada by online as well as offline medium. However, online application is far more reliable and hassle free nowadays. The student is required to have a scanner or a camera, whichever is desirable, in order to get the document copies scanned properly as the online application process will ask for uploading the soft copies of the images of the documents. Along with these, the student must have online payment options such as credit card, online banking, etc. ready as well in order to make the payment for the visa.

Getting a DLI number (Designated Learning Institution)

  • While applying for a study permit in Canada, the online as well as the offline form will invariably ask for the DLI number or Designated Learning Institution list denoted by the letter ‘O’ on the student permit application form as the students will be asked to furnish the letter of acceptance from any one of such institutions.
  • A DLI means the Government of Canada recognizes the institution. However, the students are exempted from furnishing the same if they are already studying in the primary or secondary institution, which is already designated and does not require a DLI number.
  • They will also be exempted if any one parent is a foreign national or is working abroad with a valid work permit and in case the institution is situated in Quebec as here, the institutions do not have a DLI number.
  • Students can get a list of province wise DLI numbers from various online websites.

Document Check List- Student Visa for Canada

  • The student mandatorily has to satisfy the rules and regulations mentioned in the Canadian documents such as the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as well as the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.
  • This demands leaving the country after completion of studies in Canada as in any case, the visa expires ninety days after studies are completed with a completion certificate in students’ hands.
  • Simultaneously, the student must not have any criminal record
  • He or she has to provide sufficient and satisfactory proofs to prove that the living costs and tuition fees can be borne by him or her.
  • The other documents that are required are the medical examination reports, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Apart from these, the basic documents required are:
  • Application form duly filled in and completed.
  • The students need to submit the electronic copies of basic documents such as identity proofs, address proofs, educational mark-sheets and certificates along with the proof of knowledge of English language.
  • Students must provide the Letter of acceptance from a recognized university of Canada in original.
  • A valid passport or travel document that must also allow the student to return to the country after completion of studies is necessary although it is not necessary for USA residents.
  • Two copies of latest passport size photographs with the name and date of birth written clearly on the back of the photographs.
  • Adequate testimony of financial sources to support the student during the course of study that includes: tuition fee + 833 CAD/month (for all provinces of Canada except Quebec) or tuition fee + 917/month (in case the province is Quebec).
  • The student has to submit a letter of explanation.
  • If the student wants to study in Quebec, he or she has to submit certain additional documents. These comprise of the Certificate d’ acceptation du Québec, English and French translations for the document, a statement from the translator and a certified copy of the original documents.
  • Financial Support Evidence before applying for Student Visa- The student has to submit proper proof regarding payment of fees of 150 CAD along with other fees (TRE: 200 CAD/ eTA: 7 CAD). It will be wise to submit the proof of purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from the participating Canadian institution as valid financial support evidence or some other alternative source as education loan sanction copy from some Indian Chartered Bank. The student must keep in mind that the amount must be a minimum of 10000 CAD.

It is better to maintain a checklist of all these while proceeding for applying for study permit in Canada by the aspiring students.

What are the possible interview questions for Student Visa Interview?

Once the application process for student visa for Canada is completed, the immediate next job of the students is to keep abreast of all the possible interview questions that they can face while going for the visa interview. Here is a list of some questions that the students have to face invariably during Visa Interview:

  • Why did you choose Canada amongst so many countries?
  • What are the reasons for selection of this university (the university, which has given the Letter of Acceptance)?
  • Why are you opting for this particular course?
  • What will you do after completion of higher studies in Canada?
  • How are you bearing the expenses of your higher education in Canada?
  • Why is there a break in your study? : This will be a question in case the student has a study break and therefore, the student has to be prepared with an appropriate answer. The answer must be perfect because if the interviewer does not find the answer satisfactory, it can lead to rejection of visa as well!
  • Why have you selected a course that is not related to your education? : This is again a special case question if the higher studies subject is different from that of the previous study areas and here, the student has to be ready with a believable answer that can strongly support the reasons for your selection.

These are the general questions asked in a visa interview. However, these may vary according to the profile of the student.

What Can be Probable Reasons for Rejection during Student Visa Interview?

This is the most unfortunate situation that can completely leave a student shattered and wait for another year. Hence, it is better to have a brief idea about the probable causes behind the rejection of student visa so that they can be well prepared in advance in order to avoid those.

  1. Unsatisfactory financial evidence or absence of appropriate financial support.
  2. Unsatisfactory explanation about leaving Canada after completion of studies.
  3. Lack of credibility or authenticity in the documents.
  4. Non-compliance with the request for information.
  5. Unsatisfactory educational background.
  6. Criminal Case Pending
  7. Having been deported from Canada or any other country in the past

These are just a few major reasons for rejection of visa or study permit in Canada. It is extremely important for the student to have proper knowledge of English as well as have sufficient evidence of the same or even this can lead to rejection in visa.

Hopefully, this post is able to give a detailed view of the application process of student visa for Canada so that the students can be benefited from the same and can gradually proceed towards making their higher studies wish true.

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Have you ever appeared for Student Visa Interview? What has been Your Experience? Share your experiences  and thoughts in Comments below



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