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Employment Opportunities as Student while studying abroad to Fund your Education Costs

Employment Opportunities as Student

It is a dream of every student to study abroad and be settled with brighter opportunities, especially in the United States of America, which has become the hot spot of each and every student staying in any Asian corner of the world. Every year, many Indian students go to USA for higher studies such as Master of Science with the wish to achieve subsequent employment opportunities as Student to part finance education costs.

Employment Opportunities as Student
Employment Opportunities as Student

However, during the course of study, it becomes impossible for a student to manage and make both ends meet as a student if he or she does not work part-time either on-campus or off-campus along with studying in the university. This is because, along with the high costs of higher education, there are living expenses added to the other related fees that have to be borne by the student.

An international student has to understand that studying in USA is not a cakewalk and it is not that easy to stay relaxed and just study without worrying about anything else like home. Rather, the picture will be much different.

Opportunities Exist- They Need to be Tapped- However, if one is smart and meticulous enough, he or she can very well manage to find the exact kind of employment opportunity to cater to the daily needs and at the same time, keeping the flow of study intact. It is better to have a detailed look into the various employment opportunities as Student that are available along with the other factors related to getting employment while studying abroad.

  • To start with: Before stepping out to search for employment opportunities, it is always advisable to get an F1 visa in order to do hassle free part time jobs without getting into trouble. Initially, there are certain anxieties and misunderstandings related to finding a good part-time job along with the communication issues. It is the duty of the student to fight back the same and proceed as early as possible. 
  • Types of opportunities for Students Overseas

The students can start by first getting in touch with the administration of the university as they guide these students in finding an on-campus job such as internships, research assistants, teaching assistant-ships, library work, gymnasium work, cafeteria work and many more.

Conditions to be fulfilled- This will require the student to comply with various conditions, as per United States Citizenship and Service (USCIS) along with having a good network and record of accomplishment.
Off campus Opportunities can be better- In that case, it is wise to look out for opportunities off-campus that include optional practical training, curricular practical training related to the course work of the students along with approved international organizations that offer part-time employment opportunities to the international students, especially to those who are in extreme economic crisis during higher studies.

The study permit you have will indicate whether you can work off-campus. If you are allowed, then during the program session you can work maximum upto 20 hours per week and full time during session breaks as per the academic calendar.

  • Caution care to be taken by Overseas Students while working

Due to utter confusion and paperwork complications, many students often fall in the trap of illegal work such as ‘undocumented work’ in various beverage corners, ice-creams shops, etc. where the payment is done under the table in hard cash and there is no need to pay taxes for the same too.

Quite evidently, it is easier to get such jobs due to fewer complexities involved and higher income without taxes but once caught, the whole career and future of the particular student can be stained permanently along with cancellation of visa.

Well, there are cases where students have managed to tactfully work in these places and still stay safe while studying. In fact, they may also be well settled afterward by undergoing appropriate industry based training. Yet, it is always advisable to avoid getting into any such kind of illegal work.

Whatever be the case, it is mandatory for a student to find alternative employment opportunities as Student. This will not only help them to finance their expenses but also equip them with professional experience.

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