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Getting Married on a Student Visa in Canada? It is simple and fast

Every year many students move to Canada to pursue their Diploma, Bachelors, Master’s or even Post-Doctoral and Ph.D studies in their chosen fields at different universities and colleges. Most of these students fall in the age group of 20-25, and are in marriageable age. One Question that frequently comes to mind of the student is that Can he get married to someone he loves while on Student Visa in Canada? Getting married on a Student Visa in Canada is really simple, you just have to understand the process.

Getting Married on Student Visa in Canada
Getting Married on Student Visa in Canada

Student life, especially in an international environment offers great learning and fun activities. Students get a chance to interact with their fellow classmates from different countries, cultures etc.

 Can I get Married on a Student Visa in Canada?

Off-course, as an international student at a Canadian university, the procedure of marriage will almost be the same as it is for a marriage between two Canadian citizens.

  • You may marry a person of the same sex or opposite sex if you are above 18 years of age.
  • For those under 18 years, you need to produce certificate of consent for the marriage form your parents or Guardians.
  • Marriages should be voluntary and not forced, with the number of convenience marriages increasing governments are imposing stringent immigration rules to control such acts to prevent misusing the institution of marriage for immigration.
  •  Both partners will have to be present in Canada, as marriages over phone or internet do not have legal validity.

Marriage Procedure in Canada

Marrying while on a student visa is possible, but you need to make sure you follow the rules set by the province in which you plan to conduct your marriage. With minor differences, all the provinces require you to follow a similar marriage procedure.

In general, Canada approves marriages performed by authorized authorities in either a civil marriage ceremony or a religious marriage ceremony.

You need to research and find out the authorized officials who can conduct your religious marriage ceremony, you would need to see the organization the authority is affiliated to, the recent changes to the list, and the first and last name of the official. While for a civil marriage, you need to check places such as local municipal office or a city/ town hall to conduct the occasion.

Forms required to be filled for Marriage

Depending on the rules of the Province, you want to conduct your marriage there may be minor differences, but mostly, the forms required are similar across the country. You would need to submit a marriage license or a declaration published by the religious organization.

In Canada, Churches publish a declaration called the Bann. Such banns should bear the signature of you, your spouse, of witness, and of the performer of the marriage.

Apply for Marriage Certificate

A Marriage certificate stands as a legal proof of your marriage, and you need to apply for one with a government authorized sources for example in Ontario, Service Ontario is the authorized source to register marriages.

A marriage certificate helps you keep a record of your family history, change name after marriage; apply for social benefits, settle issues about estates, it helps if you decide to file for a divorce.

Your marriage certificate contains all such details as the first and last name of both the partners, Date of marriage, Name and city where the marriage took place, and the marriage registration certificate, the authority you performed the marriage will send it directly to the authorized agency.


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