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Is it possible to immigrate to Canada from outside with CRS point less than 320 under the Express Entry System?

Canada Immigration is nowadays quite widespread among youth who are looking for opportunities there with extensive services. In the Express Entry draws over the last three months, CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) number has come down. The points for CRS, earlier going at high score, have now come down to lower levels of less than 400. Apparently, the 11th and one of the latest draw showed an extensive range of invitations for becoming the permanent citizen with low CRS Score. Accordingly, the number of such aspirants, willing to immigrate to Canada under Express Entry System have increased manifold. More often a maximum number of such profiles invited in the month of June than in the month of March. The fact is clear with the following details:

 An Express Entry Draw took place on June 12. The number of invitations issued to candidates were 1501 out of which the lowest one had got 482 CRS points.

Canada Express Entry System to get Permanent Residency
Canada Express Entry System to get Permanent Residency


A considerable number of Candidates were awarded CRS points which concerned the core human capital factors that include age, experience, language proficiency, the level of education. An enhanced proficiency of qualifying job was offered to them.

All the major Canadian provinces have introduced Express Entry streams that enhance the number of job opportunities and more invitations for them to apply. If we talk about the provinces then Ontario and Saskatchewan and the provinces like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, are in the list who introduced such Canadian CRS Policy.  Many case studies are there but this one will definitely clarify your doubts and concerns vividly:

Lucas: This 33 old man has one-year Canadian experience and fluent in English. He found to be eligible and hence got 314 CRS points. He realized that he could obtain ECA- Educational Credential Assessment. Hence, when he did so then got 472 points.

Changes in Express Entry system and CRS

The recent report on 19th November about Express Entry system and CRS made several changes towards Immigration and its policies. If a candidate does not update his/her profile, then chances are more to likely miss out an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in future.

Now it is very important to understand that the individuals who have already got an ITA will not get affected if we talk about the recent draw conducted on 16th November 2016. There will be conditions placed for those who have already applied for. It should be known that most of the profile reflects their experiences of perfect order. Those individuals who are engaged in updating their profile will enjoy the best option to get their Immigration project approved.

Therefore, Canadian Immigration is made flexible from time to time to match the standards of Comprehensive Ranking Score(CRS).

Have you checked your Comprehensive ranking Score? As the ITAs are being issued to applicants with lower CRS, hope you are not missing out fearing that lower CRS may not get you ITA?

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