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Immigration Attorneys’ Fears Growing Over DACA’s uncertain future

United States, 30th November: Immigration Attorneys’ Fears growing over DACA’s uncertain future.

Uncertainty is rife among immigration attorneys regarding the future of DACA in the US.

Immigration Attorneys’ Fears Growing Over DACA’s uncertain future
Immigration Attorneys’ Fears Growing Over DACA’s uncertain future

Immigration Attorneys’ Fears Growing Over DACA’s uncertain future-– Immigration Attorneys’ Fears Growing Over DACA’s uncertain future. This is especially true keeping in view the vows of US President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump has been talking of taking a tough stand on undocumented immigrants in the US. He has pledged to build a wall along the border with Mexico. In addition, he also plans to triple the number of ICE agents as well as a two-year compulsory minimum sentence for those coming to the US unlawfully.

“Immigration Attorneys’ are apprehensive over DACA’s uncertain future and are advising clients not to make any fresh application. “

The President-elect talked of termination of DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). It may be worth mentioning that the DACA is an executive action signed by the US President Obama into law in the year 2012. It allows certain category of undocumented immigrants an exemption from facing deportation along with conferring a renewable two-year US work permit.

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Don’t submit new applications, advise immigration lawyers—Meanwhile, immigration lawyers in the US are urging their clients not to submit any new applications for the time being. This is keeping in view the uncertainty over the future of DACA.

Immigration Attorneys fear DACA may be scrapped- Speaking about the issues, Elizabeta Markuci, an immigration attorney in the US, said that it needs to be seen if the present administration will cancel the program. Until the position is clear, clients are advised not to apply, she added. It’s quite risky, she further added.

She is involved in directing immigration project at an organization(Volunteers of Legal Service) offering pro bono legal help to New Yorkers with low-income. An increased number of her clients have been calling her to know about their fate in the US.

It may be worth mentioned that as many as 740,000 people are approved for getting DACA status. These figures are revealed by the US Department of Homeland Security. She fears that the program may be shut down. That’s not all. The worst fear is that the Trump administration may find the identity of undocumented immigrants using the DACA database.

So, it could be a four-year struggle for preserving the due process and keeping families together, agrees Jose Magana-Salgado, a managing policy attorney at San Francisco-based Immigrant Legal Services Center.


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