Ten most affordable places for studying abroad

9th November: Let us see here ten most affordable places for studying abroad.

So, here we go.

Ten Most Affordable Places for Studying AbroadTen most affordable places for studying abroad—Here are ten most affordable places for studying abroad in detail. So, let us find out these. Do you know which are the ten most affordable places for studying abroad? No? Well, we are going to discuss this in detail here.

“ Let us find out ten most affordable places for studying abroad in detail here. “

  • Norway—Norway is among the most affordable places for studying abroad. Its best for foreigners from within and from outside the Europe. It offers high quality of life and has exotic natural beauty. It also offers English-taught programs at different study levels. Meanwhile, living costs are somewhat higher as you may need nearly US $14,530 annually.
  • Taiwan—Taiwan is also one of the most affordable places to study abroad. The tuition fee for undergraduates is nearly US $3,180 annually for liberal arts programs. The nation also has nearly 120 courses that are taught in English. It has nearly 40 universities. It is a popular destination for learning Mandarin. It offers great quality of life and low living costs.
  • Germany—its growing in popularity with foreign students. It has some of the most reputable universities and low living costs along with high quality of life. It does not charge any tuition fee at undergraduate and PhD levels at public universities.
  • France—For international and domestic students, tuition fee is same in France. Living costs are highest in Paris but its worth as it has been named as the world number one student city for four consecutive times.
  • Mexico—It is one of the most visited nations of Latin America. It has much to offer to foreign students. Different Private universities charge varying tuition fee but living expensed are quite low.
  • India—India is fast becoming a great option for international students wanting to study abroad. Hindi is the most prominent language here. But, English is the common language of instruction at almost all Indian universities. Tuition fees are not high and transportation costs are quite affordable.
  • Argentina—It boasts of stunning natural scenery and a offers low tuition fee, less living expenditure and lower rents.
  • Poland—it offers a high quality of education. If you can converse in Polish, you can study just for free. Living costs are quite low(just US $8,530 annually).
  • Malaysia—Its one of the cheapest nations for studying abroad. Its living costs are remarkably low and its capital is first for affordability. You need just US $4,000 annually for living in Malaysia.
  • South Africa—South Africa is quite inexpensive in terms of living costs and tuition fees. You need just US $7,090 annually for living costs.


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