Cost of Study and Living Abroad in Canada

Canada, 7th November: Do you want to know the cost of study and living abroad in Canada?

Yes? Then let us find out more about this topic in detail here.

Cost of Study and Living Abroad in CanadaCost of Study and living abroad in Canada—Let us know about the cost of study and living abroad in Canada. We will find out the expenses to do a Master’s degree in Canada. Canada, certainly, is among the top nations that lure foreign students. It boasts of prestigious universities, well-organized lifestyle and vivid student cities that make Canada a nation with a high reputation and high demands.

“We will know about the cost of study and living abroad in Canada in detail in this article”.

It needs to be worth notable that eight Canadian universities happen to be among top 200 universities. This has been revealed by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Canada was ranked as the most educated nation of the globe by TIME magazine.

Tuition fee in Canada—Tuition fee are demanding but  nevertheless lower than several nations including the US, the UK or even Australia. Smaller universities in Canada have lower tuition fee as compared to large Canada universities. A Master’s degree(full-time) course has an average fee of 14,350 CAD.

Living costs in Canada for students—In Canada, living costs for students are somewhat above average. However, this is keeping in view the high quality of life. An international student needs a minimum amount of 833 CAD monthly for all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

Cost of accommodation in Canada—Canada offers a host of housing options to choose from. These come at diverse price ranges too. Students may apply for on-campus accommodation or choose to get their own housing in some private rental flats. Students can also choose homestays. These are really popular and quite affordable.

  • Accommodation for students usually costs nearly 250 and 625 CAD a month. Meanwhile, it depends on the city of the university and Canadian province.
  • Those opting for private rental flats can get a shared apartment for 250-700 CAD a month. A single-bedroom apartment costs between 400 and 1,500 CAD monthly.

Food costs in Canada—Eating is not expensive in Canada. A three-course meal for two people in an average restaurant costs nearly 60 CAD.

Student jobs in Canada—For funding your study and stay in Canada, you can take up student jobs in Canada. This could be a part-time job like an on or off-campus job for up to 20 hours during university semesters. You can go for full-time jobs during break of the session.

For this, you don’t need any work permit. However–

  • you must have a valid Canada study permit; and
  • be a full-time student in Canada.


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