Ways to Move to Canada Legally

Canada, 15th November: Let us see ways to move to Canada legally.

So, let us see these in detail here.

Ways to Move to Canada LegallyWays to move to Canada legally—Let us see ways to move to Canada legally here. So, here we go. Let us see these in detail here.

“ Let us see here ways to move to Canada legally. “

  • Parents—You must know that a child of any parent who is a Canadian citizen(by birth in Canada or any other reason) is considered to be a Canada citizen too. This is irrespective of the place of birth of the child. So, the applicant need to apply for a proof of his or her Canadian Citizenship. He or she will also require to provide Canadian parent’s birth certificate.
  • Work permit/offer of job—getting a permanent and a full-time job offer in Canada is a means to stay and work in Canada. Meanwhile, one can get Canada permanent residency status.
  • Common law relationship or marriage—Being married or staying together for a period of one year in any common-law relationship with someone who is a Canada citizen or a Canada permanent resident means Canadian can offer sponsorship to spouse or partner. This can help the sponsored spouse or partner to come to Canada as a Canada permanent resident. The same ruling is applicable for same-sex marriages or common law relationships too. Meanwhile, the genuineness of the relationship must be proved by the concerned applicant.
  • PNPs for skilled workers—For skilled workers, PNP(Provincial nominee programs) are a good and a viable option for Canada immigration. This is through Canada permanent residency. Selection is based on ranking system for factors like age, work experience, education, adaptability and English proficiency. Even unskilled immigrant workers can avail of PNPs.
  • Business immigration—One having required wealth and willing to buy or establish a business/invest in Canada, then it’s a great choice. Several Canada provinces have PNPs for entrepreneurs or investors.
  • Canada study permit—One can apply for a Canada study permit. Through this, one can apply for Canada Post Graduate Work permit once one completes eight months program of full-time study in Canada.
  • Visitors—Any US Citizen can come to Canada as a visitor for six months period. The maximum duration of stay in Canada for a visitor is six months. For extending the stay, one can apply for extension of visitor record. Meanwhile, they are not allowed to work in Canada without any Canada work permit.


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