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Canada Universities Wooing Indian Students

Canada, 24th October: Canada universities are wooing Indian students.

Yes, that is true.

canada-universities-wooing-indian-studentsCanada universities wooing Indian students—Canada universities are wooing Indian students. Yes, a number of Canada universities are wooing Indian students. These especially include universities in Nova Scotia. They have special ‘stay and study’ program and scholarships to woo Indian students.

“ Canada universities are wooing Indian Students. “

Special stay and study program along with offer of scholarships is what is being used by Canada universities to lure Indian students. Yes, Nova Scotia universities are using a special ‘stay and study’ program for attracting foreign students.

Nova Scotia offers Customized support, mentoring for foreign students– Under this program, students shall get customized support along with mentoring throughout their study course. That is not all. They shall get mentoring and support even after graduation for launching their career in Nova Scotia. Students shall get support throughout their study in Nova Scotia.

Scholarships shall also be offered to students in Nova Scotia. Foreign students wanting to pursue college, post-graduate or a university degree can apply for higher studies in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia should do more to keep foreign students—Nova Scotia should do more to keep foreign students. Its being maintained that a pilot project for keeping foreign students in Nova Scotia does not address barriers. This has been revealed by the Canadian Federation of Students for Nova Scotia.

Under a new pilot project program by Nova Scotia, the government will strive to keep foreign students in Nova Scotia. But, still, it does not address some barriers to bring up foreign students.

The pilot project aims to offer help to 50 foreign students during their last year of post-secondary study. Many foreign students are finishing their study courses in computer engineering, health care and ocean sciences. And these are priority areas of this Canadian province.

Subsidies, mentoring by Nova Scotia—Nova Scotia has announced to offer career mentoring, access to job-related workshops, activities and events. Local employers in Nova Scotia shall get a subsidy for offsetting the cost of hiring foreign students for a work tem following study completion.

Aim is to help foreign students stay in Nova Scotia.

BC a top destination for foreign students—British Columbia (B.C.) is a top and a favored destination for foreign students wanting to enroll post-secondary education. BC is the most favored destination for study. This has been revealed by a latest release from Statistics Canada.


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