Anchor babies or Surrogacy Children – new way to Immigrate to USA

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Immigration forms an integral part of the global economy. With a view to earn a better living, a lot many people are willing to opt for immigration however with so many rules and regulations in place, the overall process has too much under covers too. Surely the rules are strict but there is always a way out or rather there is always a loophole – that can benefit the aspirants. Anchor babies and surrogacy have come to the rescue of those, for whom immigration was on the cards.

In countries like US or Canada, two problems are very common – first is anchor babies and even more troublesome concern is surrogacy. Anchor babies, are usually those children who were born to undocumented immigrants. If you want your child to be a US citizen then the best shortcut that people are adopting nowadays is going abroad and giving birth to their baby there. In this way, they get their delivery, free of cost and also get citizenship. As benefit of doubt, the mother also gets free stay to take care of the anchor baby.

Flourishing business-Birth tourism


In US, birth tourism is a flourishing business. Pregnant women fly and give birth to a child there to take all the benefits like education which is not expensive, they also obtain medical benefits that are also cheaper. The Court took step and tried to block entries of pregnant women in these countries but nothing worked out. Like, they stopped issuing birth certificates to all those babies whose parents were not able to produce relevant documents. Many online petitions are also there that clearly says that citizenship should be given to only those where one partner is a citizen of that country.

Surrogacy – bliss or a problem


Another problem that is faced in US is of surrogacy. In US, it is banned but it is taking a boom in Canada. Nowadays, people are travelling to foreign countries for surrogacy. Every woman wants to experience motherhood. Surrogacy is a great help to all those who are not able to produce a baby, reason could be any. Hospitals and fertility clinics are specialized in treating parents who are keen to have babies.

Research says…

As per recent survey, over 2 million babies are born via surrogacy but in some countries, surrogacy laws are very strict so parents are turning to other countries like Canada, Maryland and California rules are not very strict. Every country is following different rules and regulations regarding surrogacy and its commercialization but we think from humanity prospective, every woman has a right to become a mother be it surrogacy or any other way. But you can commercialize it, Paid surrogacy is an offence. In New Zealand, surrogacy without any payment is lawful but if you are charging then it is a punishable offence.

To conclude, both anchor babies and surrogacy are major concern as people are taking undue advantage of “free and easy citizenship” and government should make some amendments so that laws should be passed to bear all the medical expenses that is associated with the birth of child.


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