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Steep Rise in Enrolment for Studying Marketing Management in Canada

canmarketThe number of students’ opting for marketing management course is on the rise. Marketing management is a dynamic discipline. Especially in today’s competitive world, it helps businesses beat the competition and increase the sales of products and services of a company.

The Marketing management programs offered by Canadian universities prepare students for future challenges in the corporate world! These programs help students of marketing gain an understanding of consumer behavior and devise marketing strategies accordingly. In addition, the optional co-op programs or internships help students apply the classroom learning in real life business scenarios, thus helping them gain practical experience of how marketing theories work in real life situations!

80% of the employers said, they prefer to employ students who have completed co-op or internship program as part of their study, as a result  universities offering such programs have seen a steep increase of 25% in enrolment for courses that have internships, as part of the course.

How to choose the Best College to study marketing Management in Canada

Marketing managers help companies devise strategies on product development, brand management, customer management, fund raising, social media and more. Almost all of these roles require a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior, as such practical exposure with the help of internships and co-op programs will prepare students for the corporate world. Alongside excellent teaching methodology and teaching material will help students understand different theoretical concepts of consumer behavior.

As such, a college that has the best of the faculty, who can teach marketing theories well, and has connections to the industry, corporate world so they can offer internships and co-op programs and finally placements are some of the factors you need to consider before enrolling at a Canadian university.  Institutes such as Ryerson University, Humber College, and Concordia are some of the colleges that impart education with a mix of classroom teaching and practical internships and co-op programs.

What would be the Tuition Fee at Canadian Universities?

Tuition fee varies according to the province and the university as every university has its own fee structure, however, cost of education in Canada is one of the lowest in the world compared to other developed countries.

The fee for management course at a Canadian university would be in the range of $ 20,000 to $25,000 (Canadian dollars) per year, whereas the executive MBA program has a slightly higher fee structure with $45,000.

Living expenses While Studying in Canada

Canadian universities offer on campus housing facility to International students, however that is subject to availability and students will have to apply separately for accommodation. Cost of accommodation differs from university to university and on the facilities you need. If you chose to live off-campus, the average rent would be in the range of Canadian dollars 400 – 1500 per month. You will have to pay for utilities, electricity, phone, TV. Internet separately from rent. You will need another $ 270 for food, $ 200 for other expenses including clothing. You will have to shell out $7 for a decent lunch and $ 14 for dinner, depending on your choice of food, a movie ticket costs about $10.

You have many options of transportation, a one-way ferry ride costs about $2, alternatively you can get a monthly pass for 90 Canadian Dollars. As an international student in Canada, you must have a medical insurance, the premium charges for insurance will vary based on the insurance company, you can check company website to get accurate information. On an average, you may have to set aside $ 15,000 for academic year.

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