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Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad

Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad are very common and relatable.

Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad
Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad

Travelling from one continent to another or for that matter from one country to another is exciting and nerve chilling. New people, different lifestyle, different food. It’s a different life altogether. This is the fun part that every student imagines before planning to study abroad but reality is a lot different than what we expect.

Though from my personal experience I can surely say that moving to another country gives you a lot of good experience but it certainly is not that easy too.

If you are planning to move you should see the “Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad”. It might help you prepare for your abroad experiences.

1. In the beginning, I felt out of the place

Which is totally normal, though. Being an introvert it was hard for me to interact with people and make friends. As a result, I had to stay alone for an entire semester which was quite hard.

2. Getting used to currency differences is a hard nut to crack

Moving to a new country means you have to understand the entire currency system which may not be a big problem for quick learners. But if you are not good at maths you might go through some embarrassing situations.

3. There is a huge cultural gap

No two country eat the same food and have the same lifestyle. All of them are different from each other. The hardest part is to understand what’s good and what’s not in one’s culture. It’s only then you when you can expect about adjusting in a new culture.

Being far from family in an alien place with totally different culture both in social and academic life were initially very demoralizing for me, but fellow students in Canada helped me tide over the problem

4. Being far from the family will make you emotionally weak and exhausted

Challenges I faced as a student while trying to adjust abroad include staying apart from the family and loved ones. Being in another country means you have zero support system and you have to deal with everything on your own. Studying abroad is everyone’s dream but it you have to carry the entire bag and baggage along.

5. Academic issues will also make you suffer

Good education, that is the reason why your parents spend a huge amount of money and send you to a foreign country. To understand the grading system and the books itself is a big mission. Getting bad score is like the cherry on the cake. Bad scores not only demoralise you but it also makes you question your decision of moving abroad.

Tips to solve all these problems

1. Be positive no matter in what situation you are. It will help you in the longer run.
2. Overcome your fears by giving it a tough fight and never run away from it.
3. If you don’t get along with people that much try to be as expressive and interactive as possible. Make your colleagues understand that you are facing problems in making assignments, studying etc. and make realise that they are the only one who can help you.


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