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How Foreign Students get Shock of their Life Once They Join the Colleges in UK or Canada

SHOCKING: Universities attract students to take admission. When students get to know the reality they regret their decision.

Let’s investigate the truth.


Universities attract students to take admission
Universities attract students to take admission

Here are the common marketing tricks used by universities to attract students-

Universities make tests optional

Universities attract students to take admission by making test optional. One of the most common admission trend followed by the Universities in the USA and Canada. This instrument is used by the– universities to attract students and raise the admissions. The optional test movement not only increases the admission of students but it improvises the score report of college / universities.

The critics have observed that the average test score report of the university does improve. The reason behind it is– that the lower scoring students prefer to withhold their scores on the other hand high scoring applicants submit them.

Ensuring job placements to the students

Students from all parts of the world– whether they are from developing or developed countries seek a secure future. The prime aim of an average student who takes admission in a university is to get hired in a reputed company.

Universities know that recession has deteriorated the job graph to the south. In order to gain the trust of students, universities claim– that students will get a secure job as soon as they graduate. Though the reality is totally different from the claims.

Convincing students that they (Universities) have comparatively low fee structure

Universities attract students to take admission by reducing their fee structure.

Who Would like to pay extra money when they can get better features and conveniences at lower prices?

Harsh but true. Keeping in mind the average economic background of students this trick has become a common factor to attract students from different parts of the world.

Before applying for any university the list of things students compare are- Courses available, Basic facilities, most importantly they compare the fee structure. When they notice a low fee structure they abruptly click on APPLY.

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Universities make up stuff

The more you brag about your college / university, the more students you attract. A survey was conducted by a leading website on “how genuine are the claims made by the universities”. The results were shocking as most of the universities mentioned false details on their official web pages.

How students regret once they get admission in such universities

1. Taking admission in a university which has made tests optional means that you don’t care about your future.
2. When students graduate and apply for a job in good companies they get rejected, as their university is not on the list.


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