U.K. Chancellor Welcomes Top Skilled Workers to Britain

In a recent briefing about Immigration Visa Policy, Chancellor Philip Hammond has stated that highly skilled workers such as bankers, computer programmers, and senior level managers could be exempted from migration control policy  imposed after United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Skilled workers from overseas are welcomed to immigrate to Britain
Skilled workers from overseas are welcomed to immigrate to Britain

While analyzing the migration curbs he said  “I cannot conceive of any circumstances in which we would be using those migration controls to prevent banks, companies moving highly qualified, highly skilled people between different parts of their businesses,”

Hammond also added that Britain would be looking forward to imposing focused restrictions on those low-skilled immigrant workers who compete with British people for “entry level” opportunities.

Vote to leave EU is not a vote to restrict talent coming to Britain- While putting up his speech to the House of Commons in Treasury Select Committee on  this Wednesday, the chancellor clarified that the vote to leave the EU should not be regarded as the vote to restrict high-level experts like  brain surgeons, bankers, computer programmers, senior managers  from taking up positions in businesses and companies of the U.K.

A cabinet sub-committee dedicated to ensuring the immigration policy has been established by British Government which will focus on introducing a targeted visa scheme for the country after Brexit. According to him, this approach was actually made in support of Prime Minister Theresa May’ s plan to conclude  the single market membership of U.K. with an integrated interest to debar the free entrance of EU citizens into the country.

Hammond further clarified that U.K. ‘s  decision of leaving the EU was a keen approach to set an individual identity of having a single market. He also welcomed European countries to set financial and trade relationships between U.K. and the European Union that “works for both partners.”  Although he refused to spare any lights on Britain’s chances to leave the European customs union.

UK is strongly in favor of skilled and talented professionals to come and work in UK and vote for Brexit may not be considered as vote against Immigration

On immigration standpoint, he welcomed highly skilled workers and senior level associates from overseas, even from the European Union as well, with folded hands, to work in the United Kingdom. He also strongly indicated that Britain is getting ready to lay a skilled visa scheme to serve this purpose correctly.

For this clarification, he took the reference of the popular opinion among the citizens of Britain. The chancellor stated that the voters only wanted to restrict those migrants who are competing with them for “entry level jobs” as these gradually turns into an intriguing reason for a massive recession in the country.

UK Citizens not against talented people coming in- According to him, “When the public tells us loudly and clearly they have a problem with levels of migration it’s very clear to me they are not talking about computer programmers, brain surgeons, bankers, senior managers, or possibly students,”

Finally. he concluded that he could not “conceive of any circumstances” in which migration curbs would be applied to prevent companies and banks from moving highly qualified, highly skilled immigrants between different parts of their businesses.

Soutrik Das

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