Pennsylvania Immigration Bill Might lead to Racial Profiling

United States, 20th October: A new Pennsylvania Immigration Bill may lead to racial profiling.

Yes, it seems true.

Pennsylvania Immigration Bill Might lead to Racial ProfilingPennsylvania Immigration bill might lead to Racial profiling—Yes, Pennsylvania Immigration bill might lead to racial profiling. This anti-immigration bill is all set for state Senate. Hence, several immigration rights advocates are saying it will result in racial profiling. A statewide immigration rights advocacy group has denounced this proposed immigration bill. This bill is modeled after a fearsome anti-immigration ruling in the US.

“Pennsylvania Immigration Bill Might lead to Racial Profiling, allege immigration rights advocacy groups. “

As per the executive directors of Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, Sundrop Carter, the Senate must strike down the House Bill 1885. Carter said that the immigration bill may result in racial profiling in Pennsylvania. Moreover, it will lead to adverse economic results as well.

The bill must not clear, she stated. Its really a bad public policy. Hence, it must not be brought to vote, urged Carter. Senators must recognized that it should not be brought to vote. It should fail in the Senate, she hoped .

US HB 1885 bill—Well, the HB 1885 Bill is a “Sanctuaries Cities” bill. It cleared the Republican-controlled House this Tuesday by a total of 136-55 vote.

  • The bill will extend local law enforcement agencies several new broad powers for enforcing immigration law. This includes permitting and asking municipal law enforcement officials to verify individuals about their immigration status.
  • Local law enforcement agents shall be allowed to question anyone suspected of lacking legal immigration status. Police will have to report to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials anyone suspected of lacking legal US immigration status.
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Carter stated that all this is nothing but opening up of rampant racial profiling. One cannot tell anyone’s legal US immigration status by looking at them, she quipped. This is really a problematic provision.

The bill has been sponsored by Republican Martina White(R-Philadelphia) after Philadelphia was declared a ‘sanctuary city’ by Mayor Jim Kenney. By definition, this declaring will grant sanctuary to undocumented immigrants from federal officials. HB 1885 will establish economic and criminal sanctions against Pennsylvania’s any sanctuary city.