Any Misrepresentation in Immigration Application? – Ottawa to be Quick to Deport such Immigrants

As Justice Department submitted documents to the Courts this Friday, Immigrants having submitted fake documents or having misrepresented would get their citizenship revoked and would be deported quickly

No Moratorium would be allowed in such cases or any relaxation allowed, demands of civil societies notwithstanding. Earlier, The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) had challenged the federal law on the grounds that it has no proper appeal process. However Immigration Minister McCallum made it very clear that any absurdity notwithstanding, such immigrants cannot be allowed to play around with the system anymore and their citizenship shall stand revoked.

Some Immigrant consultants advise you to submit fake documents on assurances- be very clear to ask your Immigration Consultant at Canada, not to indulge in such practices, and if your immigration consultant, ever advises you of submitted fake documents, be double quick to change with a professional immigration consultant


John McCallum said that the immigration department shall not wait for any court decision on the matter. BCCLA executive director Josh Paterson expressed his dissatisfaction that it will be very unjust to strip a person of his citizenship rights would following due process of the law.

However Such aggrieved persons will have right to file for judicial review of the government’s decision.

Immigration Minister John McCallum has in the past criticized the lack of an equitable appeal process, a policy put in place by the Conservative government.