UK Immigration Crackdown Plans Announced

United Kingdom, 7th October: UK immigration crackdown plans have been announced.

Yes, the UK revealed its plans of crackdown on immigration.

uk-immigration-crackdown-plans-announcedUK Immigration crackdown plans announced—Yes, UK immigration crackdown plans announced. This immigration crackdown was announced by the UK government. This will affect UK work and study routes for non-EU nations.

“UK Immigration Crackdown Plans Announced were announced by the UK Home Secretary in a latest move. “

Details show that new UK immigration rules will make it difficult for UK firms wanting to hire foreigners from non-EU nations to work here.

UK immigration crackdown to affect Indians–So, professionals from India wanting to work in the UK will find it difficult to do so. Yes, professionals hailing from India wanting to come to the UK and work here will be affected badly.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that she is looking at various options for cutting UK immigration. She said that the UK will be looking at different sources of immigration(as part of the crackdown). This could be across UK study and UK work routes. It could also include examining the tightening of the test taken by firms before hiring overseas professionals, she added.

She was giving details of the proposals of tightening UK immigration policies.

Tougher test for filling gaps in UK labor market—Among different strategies under the UK immigration crackdown, tougher UK test by companies is being reviewed. The test shall make sure that foreigners are coming to fill gaps in UK labor market, Rudd said. This will ensure that foreign workers don’t steal away jobs from British people, she warned.

It must be seen that the UK immigration provides appropriate incentives for businesses to make investment in British workers, she clarified.

Renting property to unlawful persons a criminal offence from December—Come December 2016 and it will become a criminal offence to rent out property to those having no right to live in the UK. This was further announced by the UK Home Secretary Rudd. Such landlords may face jail, she warned.

Banks shall have to undertake regular checks to make sure they don’t offer banking services to undocumented immigrants from next year. This will have a serious affect on foreign students from India wanting to study in the UK.

UK immigration checks shall be compulsory for those wishing to get a license for driving a taxi.


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