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Can Australia do without Muslim Immigration?

Nay… Australia needs lots of immigrants to develop its Medical healthcare facility, compensate for aging population, boost tourism sector and develop its unexplored areas…..All this will not be possible without Muslim Immigration

Australia has made its policy of screening refugees very clear that unless they are screened, refugees are not let in. Recently when in a TV show, an anchor, Sonia Kruger made her anti-muslim immigrant remarks; little did she know that she is going to trigger a nationwide debate.

“It will be foolish to deny that there is a concern about Immigration in Australia” said Treasurer, Scott Morrison adding that nearly half of Australians want to ban Muslim immigration.

Australia needs many Immigrants and cannot do without Immigrants from Muslim Countries
Australia needs many Immigrants and cannot do without Immigrants from Muslim Countries

Can Australia limit its immigration intake?
The Answer is No. Look at following factfile

1. Australia badly needs growth in population to sustain its economic growth and to ensure that it is able to develop its vast open lands. Since peaking at 3.15 lacs immigrants coming in, in 2008, last year the net inflow of immigrants was just 1.77 lacs

2. Lower population also means lower demand for domestic consumption and that further hits the economic growth

3. Total Australia has its median age of 37 years and younger immigrants coming in means larger working population

4. More immigrants mean more earning hands and thus more income tax to sustain the economy

5. Substantial demand for property is coming from Immigrants, with lesser immigrants coming in, the prices in housing sector may be hit. New Property construction will also slow down

6. Australia is earning more than $20 billion a year from International Students; which is third largest source of revenue after to the Australian economy and is today our third biggest export after coal and iron ore exports. Employment in teaching sector would take a major hit if this ban is imposed.

7. Muslims form major percentage of tourists, with number of tourists coming down, this sector wuld also be hit badly, thereby hitting jobs of many Australians engaged in tourism sector

8. Australia is a free multicultural country that welcomes immigrants from all sections of society. In fact, the claim of 49% oppose the Muslim Immigration may not be true as whether they hate all immigration or just Muslim Immigration

In fact the current feeling could be that some people are frightened of actions of a few who randomly murder in the name of Islam

9. Australia is facing big shortage of medical professionals and the existing members of the medical profession are acting like a cartel as a result medical healthcare is very expensive

10. The desired number of skilled immigrants required may never be achieved with Muslim Immigrants coming in.


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