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No changes in US H2B Work Visa Process


United States, 2nd October: There are no changes in US H2B work visa process.

Yes, no changes have been introduced in US H2B work visa process.

No changes in US H2B Work Visa ProcessNo changes in US H2B work visa process—There are no changes in US H2B work visa process. This has been affirmed by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services. There has been no change either in process or in policy for US H2B visas.

“ There has been no change in the US H2B visa process and rules. “

The official spokesperson of the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has clarified that there has no change in the review of applications and petitions from any employer for the US H2B visas. This was clarified by Timothy Counts in a recent email.

Each US H2B visa petition adjudicated on individual merits—Speaking about the issue in detail, Counts said that every single petition for a US H2B visa is adjudicated on the basis of the individual’s merits and proofs submitted. The review is based on regulations and law, Counts further maintained.

Hiring foreign workers on US H2B visas is aimed to fulfill a temporary requirement for workers, Counts affirmed. If employers relied on US H2B visa program for a longer period(like year-round workers), then it may seem that their US H2B visa petitions don’t fit within the regulatory definition of temporary requirement, Count quipped.

Submission of supporting documentation not needed for firms wanting to hire US H2B guest workers—Here some great news for organizations wanting to hire US H2B guest workers. As per the latest ruling, they will not need to provide any supporting documentation showing their need for foreign workers as temporary.

Yes, that is right. This was announced in a latest move by the US DOL(Department of Labor). The US DOL stated that the temporary need requirement can be fulfilled by showing the temporary need on Form EA-9142B(labor certification application).

New changes are aimed at reducing paperwork and streamline the US H2B visa process, the DOL states. Earlier, employers were required to submit additional documentation like invoices, payroll records and work contracts along with their applications.


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