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Private Health care and Universal Health care Plan in Canada

What do you have to pay for private health care in Canada as well as what is universal health care plan?

Payment of Private Health care in Canada

The health care system in Canada is a socialized association that is engaged in providing health insurance plans to all citizen of the nation. The term ‘private health care’ is used to describe several medical facilities availed by the citizen of Canada such as private rooms, cosmetic surgeries, ambulance rides that are not covered by the government. To attain such benefits with free medical services in Canada, an individual needs to purchase the health insurance packages from different private health care organizations. The employees of different companies are offered with private health insurance plans as a benefit package usually covering dental care and vision plans.

However, for other facilities they need to pay extra amount or add in their packages by providing required amount to the company. In this regard, it has been apparent that the private health care in Canada is not free completely, as one needs to pay a certain amount in a routine basis to these organizations to maintain their insurance.

Universal Health Care Plan Canada

Universal Health care Plan in Canada

The universal health care system of Canada is public funded which are primarily funded by  lottery proceeds, sales taxes and income tax both from corporate and individuals.

The universal health care plan delivers a particular population group with health care services including eligible veterans, Inuit, refugee claimants, Canadian forces serving member, reserves residing on first Nation and federal penitentiaries’ patient. The residents of Canada often avail the primary health care facilities which generally cover the areas that are not supported by the Health care Act.

Pros of Universal Health care Plan in Canada

With the support of the universal health care plan, any resident of Canada can avail the health care facilities including disabled, students, unemployed and Pensioners through which they can improve their living standard as well.

Cons of Universal Health care Plan in Canada

The universal health care plan does not cover certain areas of medical facilities such as long-term care, drug tratement etc

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