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UK Post-Study Work Visas Still Possible

United Kingdom, 29th September: UK Post-study work visas are still possible.

Yes, this is true.

UK Post-Study Work Visas Still PossibleUK Post-study work visas still possible—UK Post-study work visas still possible. Yes, this is quite true. The Brexit referendum will not have any impact on the education sector of the UK. The universities in the UK don’t feel any immediate effect of Brexit on attracting foreign students.

“ UK post-study work visas are still possible. “

UK Post-study work opportunities available for foreign students–International students can still get UK Post-study work visas after graduation. Yes, that is possible. So, it will be quite wrong to say that UK Post-study work opportunities for foreign students don’t exist now.

All non-EU students will be glad to know that they can still get UK Post-study work opportunities even after Brexit referendum. As per a representative of the Universities UK, tougher rules were announced by the UK for working after graduation for foreign students. But, it has not closed graduate opportunities for non-EU students, he added.

What are the options available for non-EU students?—Well, let us see the options for working in the UK after graduation for non-EU students—

  • UK Tier 2 route—Well, here is the first option available for non-EU foreign students looking for UK post-study work visa opportunities. Its the UK Tier 2 route. It requires foreign students to possess an offer of graduate job and fulfill minimum salary threshold. It may be worth mentioned that nearly 6,000 graduating foreign students have already accessed this UK Tier 2 visa route in the year 2014. This is up by 27 percent from the year 2013.
  • UK Tier 5 visa route—Now, let us see the UK Tier 5 visa route. Yes, this is yet another option. It enables non-EU graduates to get work experience in the UK. This can be paid internships or training schemes. They need to be getting paid equivalent to minimum wage(national).
  • UK Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur) route—Yes, this is yet another option for non-EU students wanting UK Post-study work visa opportunities. UK Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur) enables international graduates having credible and genuine business idea. This should be to start up one’s own business after graduation.


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