New Zealand Needs Immigrant Workers

New Zealand, 22nd September: New Zealand needs immigrant workers.

Yes, that is quite true.

New Zealand Needs Immigrant Workers New Zealand needs immigrant workers—New Zealand needs immigrant workers. This is for filling several vacant job positions in several sectors. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has stated that New Zealand needs immigrant workers. That’s for filling up jobs in several sectors.

“ New Zealand needs immigrant workers for filling up vacant job positions. “

Kiwis lack work ethics to take up jobs--New Zealand PM Key stated that the nation is forced to rely on immigrant workers because Kiwis lack strong work ethics. And they may be having problems with drugs too, he added. He was speaking on the issue of high New Zealand immigration figures this year. As per the records, nearly 69,000 immigrant workers came to New Zealand till July this year.

Each year, New Zealand allows nearly 9,000 seasonal foreign workers from Pacific islands. These foreign workers come to work on short-term contracts in wine industry and horticulture. Both these sectors are dependent heavily on foreign workers having New Zealand work permits. This includes backpackers wanting to work in Australia for short-term duration.

New Zealand facing shortage of skilled workers—New Zealand is facing shortage of skilled workers. This is in several sectors in New Zealand. Among the sectors facing shortage of skilled workers includes construction and tech sector.

Hence, New Zealand is vying to attract more skilled immigrants to come and work here. New Zealand’s IT sector is finding it hard to get required workers. This is keeping in view the growth of 35 percent in the last four years. Finding sufficient workers is a challenge for New Zealand’s IT sectors, admits CEO of Xero, Rod Drury (a financial tech firm based in Wellington).

There are more jobs than can be filled, So, New Zealand’s IT sector is seeking people to work here, he added. He admitted that the firm currently fills up nearly 70 percent of its job positions by recruiting foreign workers.

New Zealand PM Key said the nation needs to bring in hairdressers, bakers and truck drivers from overseas. The locals lack such skills and there are some geographical factors too.


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