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Australia follows Canadian System of encouraging Students with extra points to facilitate immigration

Australia too has adopted the policy of facilitating immigration to Australia for those having completed higher education from Australia.

Studying and setting up industry would help settle faster in Australia
Studying and setting up industry would help settle faster in Australia

It has widely been accepted fact that having education locally helps settle immigrants faster in the country and hence on the lines of Canada, Australia too will now give five additional points to students of Australian institutions in its the Skilled Migration Program, Australia


New Policy effective 10th September 2016- The Department of Immigration has also announced baiss for entrepreneurs and new scheme has already come into force effective 10th September 2016.


Effective 10th September 2016, students with doctorate-level and masters by research qualifications in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and information and communication technology fields would be eligible for additional points while calculating eligibility for immigration.


The change is a part of the visa changes being brought under the National Innovation and Science Agenda in order to attract the “best and the brightest” skilled people to Australia. Under the same program, Australia is now accepting applications for the new Entrepreneur visa program.

Seting up Industry will facilitate them Australian Citizenship-Under this new entrepreneurship Visa scheme, applicants would require to invest $200,000 AUD from specified parties to set up industry in any innovative area. This would in turn help them get permanent residency in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria-

Requisite for eligibility for Entrepreneur visa are:

Age of 55 or below

  • Strong command over English and having passed the requisite language tests
  • To have arrangement of AUD 200,000 to setup the venture in Australia
  • The applicant to have at least 30% stake in the venture so set up
  • And the concerned state government to approve and nominate the application

To get requisite capital, applicants would also be eligible to get funding from any of from combination of Commonwealth agencies, state, and territory government, publically funded research organizations, venture capitalists.


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