Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada – Welcoming Immigrants

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the program where you can move and also can work in Canada. Immigration in Canada as a provincial nominee, you should first choose the province where you would like to settle and then complete the provincial nomination process.

Provincial Nomination Program Canada
Provincial Nomination Program Canada

Canadian Provinces were all enrolled in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) except Quebec Province, as it has its own PNP program and system for selecting the immigrants for its region. Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada has the authority for permitting the immigrants to choose their permanent residents for their own provinces.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia were all active to welcome new immigrants to their province since the couple of weeks and as of now from August, there were nearly 2000 new immigrants were invited or submitted their application to these provinces.

According to the recent study, on August 24th, there were nearly 714 new immigrates for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, and on the same day there were 598 new immigrants for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. After few days on August 30th, there were 700 new applicants for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, which reached the limit very quickly and was later closed.

Benefits of the Provincial Nominee Program

For applying as immigrant to the provincial nominal program (PNP), you have various benefits as an applicant,

  1. Can choose the province of your choice to settle.
  2. There was no condition of job requirement.
  3. Special points will be allotted as an immigrant for the area of training you chose.
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Saskatchewan Immigration Provincial Nominee Program

Saskatchewan province doesn’t seek the applicant for the job requirement. You can apply for the province immigration without any job requirement. In the SINP official site, it is stated that, there were maximum applicants accepted in 2016, so as of now only the sub-category based openings will be re-opened.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba offers three main streams for the applicants to apply for the immigration either Express Entry or Outside Express Entry or by both.

  1. Skilled Worker, where candidates operate an Expression of Interest system, then eligible candidates will have an online test, for that there won’t be any document verification or submitting process. The candidate who are eligible and scored highest will be invited for submitting the application for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. And there will not be any deadline for submitting the application.
  2. Business Investors, who are showing interest in Manitoba for investing to develop their Business and also for the welfare of the Manitoba, can apply for the immigration. But, before that they should operate Expression of Interest system, and the one who are qualified most will be eligible for applying immigration.

British Columbia Nominee Provincial Program

BC PNP, have demand on foreign workers and offers an economic immigration pathway for the experienced entrepreneurs, who would like to contribute economically for the British Columbia province. Individuals can apply for the immigration for permanent resident status in the province. Of all, the provincial nominee program, British Columbia is the best way for applying immigration to get permanent resident status as Canadian.

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Express Entry

Provincial Nominee Program has high demand for getting permanent resident as Canadian, and is very active. Of the applicants, they issue the acceptance based on the Express Entry too and sometimes, it doesn’t even consider express entry if, the applicants have reached above the limit.