Farming Sector in Canada may get some relief as it makes easier for Temporary Foreign Workers to get citizenship

In Current Month, September 2016 itself, Parliamentary Report may be tabled in Parliament that may make it easier for temporary foreign workers to get Permanent Residency and eventually citizenship in Canada.


Despite the stiff opposition from its local unions who have been complaining of human right violations at work place, poor working conditions, dismally lower salaries etc, Canada’s Liberal Government has bowed to long standing demand of farming sector that has been crying for help as it could not afford expensive labor and has been suffering. Labor from Asian countries as India, Pakistan, Lanka or China and is largely responsible for undercutting as is ready to work at much lower wages.


Local unions have been complaining and protesting at allowing such temporary workers at farms. Notwithstanding such protests, present Government is going soft to allow such temporary workers to get PR status in Canada and when asked whether Canada will consid

Canada making it easier for farm sector labor to immigrate to Canada and get Permanent residency status
Canada making it easier for farm sector labor to immigrate to Canada and get Permanent residency status

er loosening the rules, McCallum said the government “is certainly considering providing a pathway to permanent residence” to the workers.


“We think that those who come, in general, should have a pathway to permanent residence more so than is the case today,” he said. “If they’re on a pathway to permanent residence, they’re only temporary for a while, and then they become full Canadians.”



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