Australia Work Visas may be denied to foreign doctors

Australia Work Visas may be denied to foreign doctors

Australia, 19th August: Australia work visas may be denied to foreign doctors.

Yes, that seems to be true.

Australia Work Visas may be denied to foreign doctorsAustralia work visas may be denied to foreign doctors—Australia work visas may be denied to foreign doctors. As per the reports, Australia health department is seeking a ban on foreign-trained doctors from applying for Australia work visas.

If this becomes a reality, then many foreign doctors wanting to work in Australia may be affected. It may be worth mentioned that the aim of Australia skilled migration program is to fill the skills shortage in regional and remote Australia areas. It appears that the program has failed in doing so.

Australia intends to counterbalance this step by hiring increased number of local medical graduates for filling vacancies. There are a large number of vacancies in regional areas of Australia.

“Australia work visas to foreign doctors may be denied soon. “

Indian doctors to be hit—The recent proposal by Australia work visas may be denied to foreign doctors. If this becomes effective, Indian doctors may be worst hit. Yes, that’s quite true. Indian doctors already working in Australia will get worst affected.

There are reports that Australian medical community had sought a ban of issuance of Australia work visas to foreign doctors. They said that regional skill shortage of doctors was not getting addressed by the current Australia immigration program.

Australia Department of Health has officially made a formal submission for changing Australia immigration rules. It said that if the changes are not introduced, local trained doctors will continue to struggle for getting jobs in Australia.

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41 health roles to be removed from Skilled Occupations List—Nearly 41 health roles shall be removed from the Skilled Occupations List. These include resident medical officers, surgeons, anesthetists and general practitioners. The proposals are being welcomed by Rural Doctors Association and Australian Medical Association.

As per Australia immigration figures, there are nearly 1562 resident medical officers and 2155 general practitioners in Australia on Australia work visas(till March 2016). Bringing in foreign doctors from developing nations have raised an ethical question, said president of Australia Medical Association Michael Gannon.

India happens to be the biggest source of Australia permanent migration. It forms around 15.7 percent of total migration program in the year 2011-12.