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New Zealand Chef Visas Could Get Chopped

New Zealand Chef Visas Could Get Chopped

New Zealand, 20th August: New Zealand chef visas could get chopped soon.

Yes, that could be a reality soon.

New Zealand chef visas could get choppedNew Zealand chef visas could get chopped –New Zealand chef visas could get chopped soon. Yes, the New Zealand government is currently reviewing if chefs should be classed as a priority profession or not.

Chefs currently comprise to be the highest number of residence and skilled work visa holders in New Zealand.

“New Zealand Chef Visas Could Get Chopped soon”.

Increased number of chefs unemployed in New Zealand—In a recent report, New Zealand immigration department INZ(Immigration New Zealand) stated that nearly 500 chefs in New Zealand are unemployed. This is despite the fact that number of New Zealand visas for chefs went up by 65 percent in this decade.

Around 4,000 foreigners got New Zealand visas to work as chefs last year. Nearly 950 chefs gained New Zealand permanent residency.

Chef occupation to be Long Term Skill Shortage List?—Well, there are reports that New Zealand might review whether chefs should be on the Long Term Skill Shortage List or not. This will be done by having consultation with stakeholders, industry groups and government agencies alongside analysis of immigration data, labor market and economic data. This was revealed by New Zealand immigration department(INZ) manager Darren Calder.

Aim of the review is to maintain a perfect balance between encouraging employers to use local workers and ease rules for employers to hire foreign workers in regions facings shortages. The decision will be made by 2016 end.

Why New Zealand is allowing immigrants to fill skills shortages?—Immigrants are coming to New Zealand to take up different jobs. But, it is being stated that locals are being robbed of jobs by immigrants. There are claims that foreigners are being allowed to fill the skills shortages throughout New Zealand.

There is no denying the fact that New Zealand needs immigrants, but the point is does the nation need café managers and retail managers when locals are out of jobs. The government needs to address the issue in a serious way.

Moreover, it has a responsibility to make sure Kiwis get jobs on a priority basis. If the jobs are not filled, only then should the immigrants be offered jobs in New Zealand.



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