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Nova Scotia Language Schools Concerned over Student visa Changes

Canada, 22nd August:  Nova Scotia language schools are concerned over student visa changes.

Yes, Nova Scotia English language schools are a worried lot over recent student visa changes.

Nova Scotia Language Schools Concerned over Student visa ChangesNova Scotia language schools concerned over student visa changes—Nova Scotia language schools concerned over student visa changes. Yes, that is quite right. They are worried about the drop in the number of international student enrolments. This is due to recent rules that students might require a second visa before moving into university.

Recent changes announced to a federal immigration program mean that international students shall have to get a second visa before continuing to university.

“ Nova Scotia language schools are quite worried about student visa changes. “

As per the CEO and president of East Coast School of languages in Halifax, Sheila Nunn, before the changes, foreign students could apply for language training as well as university training. Moreover, they could get one study permit for the entire time to be in Canada. This meant that they were not required to apply for another paperwork or visa. Canada immigration department IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) recently announced in July about the new rules for Canada student visas.

International students need to apply for two study permits—So, now international students wanting to study in Canada need to apply for two Canada study permits. These rules are from July onwards. One Canada study permit is for prerequisite language training and another is for college or university.

Giving details about the issue, official spokesperson for IRCC, Sonia Lesage said that these new requirements are for ensuring that only genuine students come to study in Canada.

No university study permit before completion of language training—No international student shall be allowed to apply for university study permit before completing language training. Yes, that’s true. But the question now is how many international students will consider it worthy to take such a big risk.

Nova Scotia to be a big loser—Well, it is being maintained that Nova Scotia will be a big loser in terms of attracting international students to language schools. Yes, as per the executive director of Languages Canada, Gonzalo Peralta, it will affect Nova Scotia language school student enrollments.

As of now, there 71 percent of foreign students are enrolled in language programs. And they want to move on to post-secondary college or university program.


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