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Britain Must Adopt a Points System for Immigrants

United Kingdom, 17th August: Britain must adopt a points system for immigrants.

Yes, that’s true. Britain needs a points system for all immigrants.

Britain Must Adopt a Points System for ImmigrantsBritain must adopt a points system for immigrants—Britain must adopt a points system for immigrants. Yes, that’s exactly what Britain needs to do now. The reason being that Brexit is known to be widely driven by anti-immigrant sentiments. Nearly 50 percent of Britons have a negative opinion about immigration.

And the number of Britons having a positive opinion about immigration is just 35 percent. So, in such a scenario, the fate of EU(European Union) citizens living in the UK hangs in uncertainty.

“Britain must adopt a points system for all immigrants. “

Points based system best option for Britain—Well, it is becoming clear now that the best option for Britain is adopting a points-based system. Yes, that’s what it exactly appears now. So, Britain must have a points-based system just like Australia and Canada.

Both these nations now offer points to immigrants on the basis of education, work experience and English/French proficiency. Aim of these nations is, undoubtedly, to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent.

Britain must take the example of Canada and Australia. This means Britain must limit the inflow of immigrants. However, it must not deny entry to skilled and unskilled immigrants needed by the UK economy.

Points based immigration systems have worked quite well for Australia and Canada. These two nations are successfully welcoming increased number of qualified foreigners.

EU’s immigration policy vulnerable—EU’s immigration policy is vulnerable since there isn’t any uniform policy for individuals from outside the borders. In such a scenario, it is susceptible to weaknesses of every other EU nation.

Due to these reasons, the UK has been experiencing increased immigration levels for the past decade or so.

The figures from the UK Office of National Statistics show that over the last four years, there has been a significant increase in immigration levels. The UK immigration went up from 200,000 to 333,000.

Well-constructed points system for ensuring contributions to society—By adopting a well-constructed points system, Britain can ensure getting immigrants contribution to the society. Moreover, it will reduce fears of uncontrolled immigration resulting in economic, social, cultural and security threats.



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