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UK Visa options for EU and Non-EU Citizens

United Kingdom, 10th August: Let us see UK visa options for EU and Non-EU citizens here.

Yes, that’s true. Let us see this topic in detail now.

UK Visa options for EU and Non-EU citizensUK Visa options for EU and Non-EU citizens—We will study the US visa options for EU and Non-EU citizens. So, lets begin. UK visa options for EU and Non-EU citizens are going to be changed soon.

<blockquote> UK visa options for EU and Non-EU citizens will be discussed here.</blockquote>

UK permanent residency applications for EEA(European Economic Area) nationals and Indefinite leave to Remain applications for non-EEA nationals are the best thing for ensuring employees’ future(from outside the UK).

UK Permanent residency—UK Permanent residency does not need to be renewed. So, holders of UK Permanent residency are not subject to any changes to UK immigration rules. Moreover, UK Permanent residency holders are allowed to sponsor family members from third nations too. This is possible even if they are not qualified persons.

Who can qualify for UK Permanent residency—Well, EEA citizens need to prove that they have been staying in the UK for not less than five years continuously. This is for qualifying as a UK Permanent resident.

In fact, continued residence actually means not having been absent for more than six months period. EEA citizens need to have been exercising their treaty rights validly for the whole five-year duration. So, they should have been a qualified person for the five years period. It could be either as a self-employed, worker, self-sufficient, jobseeker or a student.

Indefinite leave to remain for non-EEA citizens—Indefinite leave to remain for non-EEA citizens. All Non-EEA citizens on a temporary visa can apply for an indefinite leave to remain visa after a specified period to preserve their rights.

This is almost similar to UK Permanent residency application that can be made by EEA citizens.

Time threshold—Well, holders of almost majority of UK visa categories are subject to five years time threshold. They cannot be absent from the UK for more than six months any year. Validity of UK Tier 2 General visas is six years. These UK visas are not renewable. Eligible holders of such UK visas can apply for settlement but the window is just of 12 months.



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