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Vancouver Tech Firms unable to fill Jobs

Canada, 7th October: Tech firms in Vancouver are not able to fill jobs due to changed foreign worker rules.

Shortage of tech talent is worsening in British Columbia due to toughening of temporary foreign worker rules.

Tech Firms in Canada Need Talented Professionals Tougher Canada foreign worker rules toughen tech shortage—British Columbia is facing acute shortage of tech talent. And the onus must go to recently changed temporary foreign worker rules by Canada.

<blockquote> Canada’s changed temporary foreign worker rules are jeopardizing tech shortage in BC. </blockquote>

Vancouver is facing tech talent shortage and more talent is needed to fill up jobs that are currently available, stated director of strategic initiatives and sector development at Vancouver Economic Council, Brian Buggey.

Canada foreign worker rules are making it harder for firms to fill up jobs. Its taking longer and more expensive to fill up jobs in Vancouver’s tech sector, said a manager at the BC Technology Industries Association, Camila Louzada. More administrative work is involved in filling up tech sector jobs in BC, she further added.

Tech industry needs to hire immediately as it cannot afford to wait for months for processing of a Canada work visa. Hence, talent squeeze is compelling many Vancouver tech firms to cut down its growth, Louzada maintained.

Firms are losing revenue or moving elsewhere simply due to not having sufficient capacity to built at a great speed.

Graphic designers, tech specialists in hot demand in BC tech sector—Canadian province British Columbia(BC) is experiencing high demand for graphic designers among other tech specialists. BC is also experiencing big demand for specialists in software.

The sad thing is that firms don’t have the resources and the time needed for imparting training. Quality tech specialists are the need of the tech sector in Vancouver now. Vancouver is a great city to live and is a tech hub. No wonder, it attracts the best and the talented computer specialists from the world over.

Vancouver needs more ICT professionals to meet the growing demand of the labor market. And as per the outlook 2015-2019, there is going to be a shortfall of tech specialists for filling up jobs across Canada.

As per the details, nearly 182,000 new people will be needed to fill tech jobs in Canada. But Canada is not producing sufficient homegrown talent for filling the demand.

Hence, appetite for good talent is really bottomless in software and it’s a big challenge for Vancouver tech sector.

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