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September 9, 2015September 9, 2015 William C. Mishler 0 Comments Immigration, ITA, PNP Entrepreneur Program

PNP Entrepreneur Program would benefit foreign nationals who require Canadian visa to settle as entrepreneurs in Canada. The business could be set up in fields ranging from Canada health center to cafeteria.

The application could be done online and candidates would be chosen on the basis of points scored. These chosen candidates would then be given invitation to apply (ITA), through which he can submit business application to the BC PNP office.

The process starts with an online registrations (fees-$300), which are, limited to 200 per month. A registration is valid for a period of six months. It is to be noted that if the details on your application do not match with the online registration details then your dream of immigration to Canada would end then and there.

pnp entrepreneur program

The areas under consideration for working in Canada under PNP entrepreneur program are described below:

  1. Net worth: At the time of online registration, you should have a minimum verifiable bank balance of $600,000.
  2. Employment: It is the second highest parameter for selection, based on the fact that the proposed business which could create job opportunities. If you have planned to acquire any existing business, existing jobs should be maintained. A minimum of one full time job post must be created or maintained.
  3. Personal investment: The amount proposed by you for investment also carries points. A minimum investment of $200,000 is mandatory and to get full points in this area amount of investment should exceed 1 million dollars.
  4. The concept: The concept of your business is evaluated on the basis of its economic benefits, commercial viability and skills transferability. This is the highest scoring parameter to receive ITA. A major factor for measuring economic benefit is geographical location; the points for this are inversely proportional to the location of business.
  5. Adaptability: This section includes your proficiency in the English language supported by a test score, age which should be 40-60 years, visits in the past to BC for business purposes, education(post-secondary education is mandatory) and work experience in Canada. It would be beneficial if you have studied in Canada along with a work permit. A past or continuing job in Canada could also give a positive impact. While choosing the business concept you should avoid the names listed in the guide for this program. A clash of your business concept in the region might also render your business ineligible, thereby crushing your dream of Canadian immigration.
  6. Experience: The business experiences of last 10years are only considered. For scoring a maximum of 24 points in this category you need to have an experience of 20 years as business owner and 12 years as senior manager.

Follow the score table listed below:

Area Maximum points Minimum points
Personal net worth 12 1
employment 36 2
Personal investment 30 6
Business concept 80 32
Adaptability 18 NA
Experience 24 8

Before registering for this program, it is necessary to meet an immigration lawyer to clearly understand the rules and criteria, so that you might be able to build your application with the best plan.

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