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Canada resident applicants on a win-win spree

Canada is one the fast growing economies, which provides good career opportunities for all, and through that attaining development. Canada has top universities, where education is available at its best, paving path towards a professional career. Student visa can be easily obtained, where the students can look for a job in the same country after their education, for a period equivalent to their education period. But, if you wish to obtain a permanent residence status in Canada, there are a number of procedures to be undergone.

Canada Residence Applicants

Obtaining Canadian citizenship

Canada citizenship will be available to those who:

  • Marry a Canadian citizen. In that case, you will have to live with your spouse, who will be your sponsor, for a period of minimum 2 years, in order to obtain a permanent residence status.
  • Apply for the Express Entry program for the skilled workers. In this case, you will have to pass the eligibility test, and then be chosen to be given employment in Canada.
  • Get an employment offer from a Canadian employer. Once you are offered your job letter, you will have to immediately contact your immigration lawyer, and get your work permit.

It has been found that most of the permanent resident card holders are those who had come under the spousal sponsorship scheme. Such people passed the criteria of living with the sponsor for 2 years or more. But in case, their relationship faces threats during their stay with the sponsor or improper immigration papers, then chances are that, their permanent visa may not get processed further, and they might have to leave the country. These take place commonly in cases of marriage failures.

The win-win option

The Canadian embassy has introduced a new program, wherein, those who are under spousal sponsorship category, waiting for their Canada visa to get processed can obtain an open work permit, in order to get employment Canada. Hence, this is a two-way advantage for those waiting for their visa.

How to apply:

On obtaining the open work permit, they can work for any employer in Canada for a specific period of time. In case of applicants who had applied for permanent status card under spousal sponsorship, they can go online and fill the form. But if you are yet to apply under spousal sponsorship, then you will have to apply for an open work permit, and permanent status card simultaneously, online. This is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit your skills and make some income, as well as contribute to the country’s economy.

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