Canada Immigration Queries Answered

Canada, 7th July: Canada immigration applicants have different questions and issues pertaining to their applications.

Let us see these in detail here.

Canada Immigration QueriesEligible to apply for Quebec permanent residency?—Here is a query pertaining to a student of PhD in Quebec wishing to apply for Quebec permanent residency. Details by the student show that he has been in Quebec for last three and a half years as a PhD student.

He wants to know whether he can make an application for Quebec permanent residency before the studies are finished. And whether there are any special benefits available for PhD students or not?

<blockquote> Canada immigration applicants or those already in Canada have several queries requiring answers. </blockquote>

Through Quebec Experience Class or Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Canada immigration is possible through Quebec.

Quebec does not have any cap for those having a CAQ(Cerficat d’acception du Québec) especially for anyone having a study permit for studying in Quebec. Moreover, the person(in this case) also has been into Quebec through legal means and living for not less than one year.

Quebec Experience Class(PEQ or Programme de l’experience quebecoise’) allows submission of a request within a period of six months before the end of the study period for those pursuing a study course at any designated educational Quebec institute.

An advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French is needed for the PEQ.

Can spouse apply for temporary visitor or tourist visa?—In case, when the spousal sponsorship application is being processed, can the spouse awaiting to come to Canada make an application for Temporary Canada visitor visa or Canada tourist visa or not?

Well, in this case, one needs to note that a temporary resident visa is a good thing for visiting Canada for a spouse awaiting his or her Canada spousal sponsorship application processing.

However, the applicant must demonstrate his or her intent to reside in Canada permanently as well as temporarily at the same time. But, the applicant must have the intention to leave Canada after the end of the temporary Canada visit.

Is resubmission of Expression of Interest for Federal Skilled Worker Program possible after being considered ineligible?—Is it possible for anyone to resubmit his or her EOI(Expression of Interest) for Federal Skilled Worker Program if found to be ineligible at the first time? Well, in such a scenario, it needs to be notable that one can prove increased English or French language proficiency for getting eligible, complete any additional education level and get additional work experience.

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