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Switzerland Job Market Lures Foreign Workers

Switzerland, 26th June: Switzerland job market is luring foreign workers to come and work here.

Yes, Switzerland employment opportunities are making it attractive to foreigners wanting to come and work here.

Switzerland Job Opportunities for Foreign Workers Switzerland job market attractive to foreigners—Are you a foreigner wanting to move to Switzerland for working there? If yes, then this is the right time to do so. That’s because Switzerland job market is in full boom. So, if you want to come and work in Switzerland, then you can look forward to immigrate here and get employment here.

<blockquote> Switzerland employment opportunities are luring foreign workers to come and work here. </blockquote>

In the year 2014, Switzerland witnessed arrival of nearly 73,000 foreigners. And around 50,600 foreigners hailed from EFTA or EU nations. This showed a decline of 25 percent over the year 2013.

Last year’s immigration figures for Switzerland showed majority of immigrants to this nation comprised Europeans from nations affected by economic slowdown.

Foreign workers to Switzerland more skilled than Swiss workers—Swiss workers were found to be less skilled as compared to foreign workers coming to work in Switzerland. It was found that around fifty percent or even more of foreign workers had a bachelor’s degree or a higher qualification.

It was further found that foreign skilled workers were attracted to health and social sectors, scientific, self employment and technical services.

Strong Switzerland Franc attracts EU workers—EU workers were attracted to Switzerland by its strong franc. Hence, majority of foreign workers are coming to work in Switzerland to cash in on its buying capacity.

As per a government panel report, Switzerland targets to put a limit on annual immigration from EU(European Union).

The official currency of Switzerland, Franc, is appreciating against the euro. Hence, it is proving to be a big factor for luring many foreigners to come and work in Switzerland. This was reported by the State Secretariat for Economics(SECO).

Hence, Switzerland has witnessed an increased number of foreigners coming to work here from neighboring nations.

Well integration of skilled foreigners in Swiss job market—It needs to be worth notable that Swiss job market has been successfully integrating foreign workers coming to work here.

It was also noticed that the free movement of migrants due to a pact becoming effective in 2002 did not have any bad impact on jobless rate in Switzerland. Switzerland jobless rate is 3.3 percent. Moreover, there has been good development in Switzerland during the period of 13 years following free movement pact introduced.

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