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New Canada Physical Residency Requirements Becoming Effective Soon

Canada, 27th May: Canada Physical Residency requirements are going to be changed soon.

So, new Canada Physical Residency requirements will be effective this summer.

New Canada Physical Residency Requirements—New requirements for Canada Physical Residency will become effective this summer. As per the details, Canada’s new residency requirements have been included in the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

<blockquote> Canada Physical Residency requirements are going to be introduced this summer. </blockquote>

Canada new residency requirements—Let us see the new requirements for Canada residency—

  • Canada will have a stricter need for physical presence in Canada for getting qualified for Canada citizenship;
  • Canada has increased the number of years to be spent in Canada for a permanent resident. This has been increased to four years out of six years from the earlier requirement of three years out of four years.
  • Moreover, a Canada permanent residency needs to be physically present in Canada for 183 days for each of the qualifying four years.
  • For each of the qualifying four years, a proof of income tax filings with Canada Revenue Agency is needed now.

Canada’s new physical presence requirement to make Canada citizenship qualification tougher—It is being stated that new Canada physical presence requirement will be making it difficult for Canada permanent residents to get qualified for Canada citizenship.

Hence, it is being advised that eligible Canada permanent residents need to apply for Canada citizenship at the earliest possible time before new stricter rules become effective.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear as to when exactly will the new Canada physical presence rules will be becoming effective. But, it is being estimated that new rules will become effective in June this year.

Canada permanent residency Maintenance—Canada permanent residency requirements need to be maintained for retaining Canada permanent residency. Yes, after becoming a Canada permanent resident, you need to be bound by legislative rules for maintenance of Canada PR status.

A Canada permanent resident needs to be physically present here for two out of every five years. In addition, you need to be in Canada for 40 percent of each year or need to maintain 730 days of Canada physical presence within 1825 days.

Canada PRC(Canada Permanent Resident Card) happens to be a preliminary proof showing you are a Canada permanent resident.

A Canada permanent resident can satisfy the residency requirement while being out of Canada if he or she is —

  • outside Canada accompanying a common law partner or a spouse or parent who is a Canadian citizen;
  • outside Canada employed on a full time basis by any Canada business or in public service or accompanying a PR who is a common law partner/spouse or parent that is employed in any Canadian business.

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