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How the New Express Entry System Works

Canada-Express-Entry-ProgramFrom the 1st of Jan 2015, the new Canadian immigration policy called the Express Entry System has come into effect. This in effect would work as a Job Bank where aspiring applicants can register themselves into a common list from which prospective employers can choose them according to their specific skills.

This new system will help in balancing the influx of skilled workers according to the specific market needs. It will also ensure the proper distribution of the workforce across the region. Unlike in the past when the candidate could apply for a suitable line of job and chose where to settle down.

The candidates are expected to apply through any of the three available programs for which they qualify:
1) Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
2) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
3) Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Being Ranked

It would be a single list of chosen candidates who will be ranked according to their potential based on a point based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Candidates can improve their ranking by updating their profile as and when they achieve any additional criteria required. You can also go down on the total ranking when other candidates better theirs with extra additions. So, getting on the list by meeting the minimum requirements is only the first step. Maintaining or even improving your ranking is more important as that increases your chances to be selected by a prospective employer.

A candidate can earn up to 1200 points, of which 500 is for the candidate’s core human factors. A candidate’s Core Human Capital is made up of 4 factors:
1) Age (110 points)
2) Education (150 points)
3) Primary Language – English or French (136 points)
4) Secondary Language (34 points).

Additional Points

There are certain additional points that can be earned. For example, when a candidate applies along with his or her partner or spouse, 460 point will be awarded to the candidate and 40 points will be awarded for the partner or spouse for core human capital.

Based on the combination of skills available, a candidate can earn 100 extra points under the “skill transferability” category.

Though climbing up the ranking be earning maximum points should be the primary aim of a candidate, one should not forget that getting on the list is something that is equally important, without which there is no ranking.

Being removed from the List

Within 60 days of receiving the invitation to apply, the candidate should submit their file failing which the candidate’s name will be removed from the list. The candidate has 60 days to intimate the authorities if by any reason they are not ready with all the necessary documents. The candidate should also bear in mind that an incomplete or inaccurate file will also result in the candidate’s name being removed from the list.

PNP and Express Entry

Inspite of the introduction of the Express Entry System, the all Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will still continue. This will enable each Province to select candidates from the Express Entry list and also receive direct application from the candidates through the PNP.

So a candidate who has a provincial nomination and is also listed on the Express Entry pool with an additional 600 points will be given an invitation for permanent residence.

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