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Canada’s First Start Up visas for Entrepreneurs

Yes, as per the latest information, Canada has begun issuing its first start-up visas for foreign entrepreneurs.

And it needs foreign entrepreneurs wanting to live and make investments in Canada for new start ups here.

As per the details, Canada immigration minister is promoting its new visa for inviting foreign entrepreneurs to Canada.

Canada First Start Up Visas—Foreign entrepreneurs are being issued Canada’s first start-up visas. Canada has welcomed the first two successful applicants last month. As per the immigration minister of Canada, Canada Start Up Visa receipients are cofounders of Zeetl, namely Alexander Zadorozhniy and Stanislav Korsei.

Canada has finally issued its first Start-up visas last month to successful applicants.

Giving details about the immigration program, Alexander said the focus of the Canadian government is on creation of jobs in Canada along with long-term economic growth and prosperity in Canada.

Canada needs to lure the best foreign innovators and entrepreneurs from the world over. And Canada is proud to welcome its first successful applicants for creation of new Canada jobs and increased opportunities.

Canada Start Up Visa program—Canada’s Start Up Visa program was launched by the nation in the year 2013. It aims at bringing together foreign entrepreneurs with angel investor groups, business incubators and Canadian venture capital funds.

Canada’s Start Up Visa program is one of its kind in the world. It’s a pilot scheme going to run for a period of five years.

Chris Alexander stated that Canada will continue working with business leaders who are able to provide support to creative business ideas and helping the nation gain a competitive edge globally. Canada needs foreign entrepreneurs who can add new Canada jobs and fulfill the requirements of Canada labor market.

Requirements for Canada Start Up Visa program–In order to make an application for Canada permanent residency, a foreign entrepreneur is required to secure a substantial investment commitment from any Canadian venture capital fund, business incubator or any Canadian angel investor group.

In addition, applicants also need to provide proof of their language proficiency skills at a Canadian language benchmark 5.

This proficiency needs to be in speaking, reading, listening and writing. Also, applicants must have a minimum of one year education at any post-secondary institute.

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