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Jobs recovery missing new Canadians

However, the only group missing the jobs recovery seems to be the group of new immigrants in Canada.

Jobless rate for new immigrants in Canada declining slowly–The jobless rate for Canada-born people went down from 6.7 percent to 6.2 percent in the period of one year, the figures revealed by the Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative suggest.

However, for the new Canadians, the jobless rate showed a relatively slower decline from 9.9 percent to 8.8 percent in the same period of 12 months till April 2011.

New immigrants still to get job boost—New immigrants in Canada are awaiting boost in terms of employment prospects. The rate of joblessness for newcomers in Canada having arrived in Canada in the period of last five years has shown a marginal decline from 14.3 percent in the year 2010 to 13.9 percent in the year 2011.

The jobless rate for immigrants in Canada has, however, continued to stay around 12 percent for the last two years or so when the economic crisis engulfed the nation.

Canadian economy adding more jobs—This comparatively gloomy position in terms of job scenario for new immigrants is in sharp contrast to the overall employment scene in Canada.

According to figures, as many as 58,300 new jobs were added in the month of April this year pushing the unemployment rate to 7.6 percent. The job gain in Canada in the month of April has been quite above the forecasts of several economists in the nation.

There has been an increase of 69,600 in the number of service industry jobs in April this year while the number of full-time jobs went up by 17,200, official figures from StatsCan suggest. In addition, the number of part-time jobs increased by 41,000 in Canada in April 2011.

Employment prospects appeared bright for women in Canada as April saw job gain of 29,000 by them. This is an increase of 7.9 percent in employment rate for women over the period of last one year, Statistics Canada figures show.

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