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Jobs for overseas students and expected earnings in Canada

These days, it is becoming quite common for foreign students to begin earning while they are studying to pay off for their studies and their stay abroad.

International Student Employment Program—For working in Canada legally, foreign students need to know about various employment opportunities that exist in Canada.

And they must keep in mind that ISEP(International Student Employment Program) in Canada is aimed to provide foreign students pursuing undergraduate studies the much needed Canada work experience. For this, they must be enrolled in a study course at York.

Under this program by Canada, full time foreign undergraduate students are eligible to get employment.

Types of employment opportunities under ISEP—Under ISEP, there are different categories of jobs available for foreign students. And the earning levels also vary according to each job in Canada under ISEP.

Foreign students can look forward to getting around $10 to $15 an hour by working for 5 hours to 20 hours weekly during the period of their school year. And in summers, they can work for a maximum of 35 hours a week. The earning level is same in this case too.

International students can get details about such job vacancies in Canada by browsing the York international employment in the months of April and May as well as in September.

Working on campus in Canada—If you are an international student interested to work on campus in Canada, then you need to make an application for such a job. You may work for such jobs without having a Canada work permit. However, you must have following documents—

• A valid Canada study permit;

• A SIN(Social Insurance Number);

• Must be a full-time student in a diploma, certificate program or a degree program in Canada.

Working off-campus in Canada—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada)offers foreign students in Canada an opportunity to work off-campus along with their study course. This is called off-campus work permit program.

Eligibility criteria—

• Valid study permit in Canada;

• A SIN;

• Must be a registered full-time student in Canada;

• Registered as a full-time student for a minimum of 6 months out of the last one year;

• Should have satisfactory level of academic record for study program in Canada.

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