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New Zealand overseas worker program beneficial—Research

New Zealand, 30th May: New Zealand’s Recognized Seasonal Employer program has been found to be extremely beneficial for filling shortage of skilled labor in the nation.

RSE program-good for employers and workers alike–This overseas worker program is beneficial not just for employers but also for the foreign workers as well as the nations involved in it, affirms New Zealand immigration minister Nathan Guy.

Speaking about the program, Mr. Guy said a recent study by Department of Labor on return rates and earnings also states that the scheme is so good that it allures majority of foreign workers to come again to New Zealand next season and work here.

Moreover, many are willing to undertaken employment with their previous employer in New Zealand, he informed.

Scheme helpful for fulfilling labor shortage in New Zealand–The RSE program was launched for fulfilling shortages of skilled and seasonal labor in New Zealand’s viticulture and horticulture industries. And it has fulfilled its purpose quite well. According to Ron Floyd of Floyd Viticultural Contractors, the RSE program helps in alleviating shortage of workforce in the nation.

The scheme is, indeed, crucial for meeting the requirements of the viticulture industry in New Zealand, he affirmed. He, however, highlighted on the need for simplification of paperwork for getting accreditation of RSE.

Employers say returning workers help in keeping the costs down to a greater extent.

According to Mack Pouwhare, owner of Grapeworx Marlborough, nearly 90 percent of his workers from Thailand returned to work for him. And this helped in keeping the training costs down, he maintained.

The research findings also point out to the same fact that employers using RSE scheme admit having high quality, more proficient and stable workers. This further helps them in expansion of their businesses, the study findings maintain.

Foreign workers’ rights under New Zealand’s RSE program—Under New Zealand’s Recognized Seasonal Employer program introduced by New Zealand immigration department– Immigration New Zealand (INZ) in 2007, foreign seasonal workers enjoy almost equivalent rights as those enjoyed by New Zealand workers, immigration minister Guy said.

As per the figures, each worker’s mean gross seasonal earnings are said to be nearly $12,700(New Zealand dollars). Foreign seasonal workers coming to New Zealand under RSE program stay here for a period between three and seven months.

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