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Choosing an unethical immigration consultant may lead you no where

Beware of immigration consultant that induces you to make fake papers for immigration. USA is coming down with heavy hands on professionals encouraging applicants to make fake Immigration Applications

Three Professional companies providing immigration guidance and assistance services to applicants were shut down. These firms were ordered to be shut down as these were providing unauthorized and fraudulent services to applicants including guiding them to make fake documents for making immigration applications.

These firms have been fined for $118,000 and have been permanently barred from practicing immigration related services.

These companies have been defrauding immigrant communities and fleecing them with exorbitant fees to get them citizenship. Those having track record of few successful cases based on fake papers got even larger clientele that grew on word of mouth.

Announcing this, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, today reiterated US commitment to weed out illegal immigration. He also announced more law suits filed against such companies who are offering such advice without proper licenses or inducing to make fake papers.

“The consequences of bad legal advice can be absolutely devastating,” said Attorney General Cuomo. “Fraudulent legal services can haunt individuals and their families for a lifetime. Companies and individuals that represent someone in a legal proceeding without having the authority to do so must be stopped, and my office will hold them accountable.”

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