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New Canadians explain ‘Why Canada?’

A total of thirty-five people from eighteen different countries realized during a ceremony in Penetanguishene that how close was their dream to become Canadian citizens. On the 30th of July, these soon-to-be-Canadians from countries like India, Germany, Brazil, Northern Ireland, and China, assembled at Discovery Harbour to take oath that would officially make them citizens of Canada.

The ceremony was supervised by Judge Normand Allaire, who said about how good it feels to see so many people of different races and cultures so enthusiastic to add their talents and abilities to the great family of Canada. He exclaimed Canada as a land of immigrants.

Heidi Fleishman came to Canada five years ago with her husband, Thomas, and she ended up with her eyes filled with tears during the ceremony. Heidi, who currently lives in the Parry Sound area, said that she can not explain the reason for her love for the country. She said that becoming citizen of Canada has always been her dream and she knew that it would come true some day. She also said that becoming a Canadian is an honor and that she feels more a part of the country after officially being granted citizenship.

Ajay Batra, who came to Canada with her now five year old daughter, Stuti, from India four years ago, said that it was the openness of the country to all cultures and the fact that it is well known as a peaceful nation that acted like a magnet to bring him to the country. He also said that Canada also has a lot of opportunities to offer all people in the country.

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