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Case of Jackie Tran, a member of a gang involved in eight homicides in Calgary.

Naghia Trong Nguyen, 25 years, was arrested by the police on immigration warrant while the police was investigating about a gangster Mark Kim. Nahia Trong Nguyen was known as Jackie Tran who came to Canada in 1993 and in year 2004, he was given order for deportation. This person was kept in Calgary Remand Centre after he was arrested by the police in January, and this person was involved in a gang that committed the crime of being the active participant in eight homicides that took place in Calgary.

Jackie Tran has been granted approval for his release. John Dook, president of Calgary Police Association has reflected his concern about the safety of people in case of release of a criminal like Tran. Tran has been delaying his deportation since 4 years, which was ordered to him in 2004.

Federal officers had the record of this man linked with dangerous gangs and on this ground he was held up till the time of deportation to Vietnam.

It is actually so disappointing to hear that someone who is involved in crime and was deported on that ground is released after five years of being kept behind the bars. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has reflected the concern regarding the safety of public, but CBSA is entrusted with the responsibility of removing people for whom the removal order has been issued.

So, after the due course of law, all the removal orders would be dealt and related people would finally be deported from Canada.

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